Ed and Sarah is moving away after their father got a new job in Michigan with only two Eds remaining Edd and Eddy miss Big Ed.


Edd is working on The Sub in his backyard when Eddy comes and scares Edd when Eddy knows he hates that. The two boys then hear Jimmy crying in sadness they asked Jimmy what's wrong and Jimmy tells them that Sarah is moving away. Edd and Eddy then realize that if Sarah is moving then Ed is moving too. The two Eds see that there's a moving trailer in front of Ed's house Jimmy explains that Ed n Sarah's dad got a new job in a place called Battle Creek, Michigan. Edd and Eddy see Ed and Sarah helping their parents pack Ed then sees his two pals and hugs and sobs on them. But it is unsanitare (guess who said that), a few hours later... Ed and his family take off and everyone in the Cul-de-Sac saying goodbye. Everyone goes home sad, Edd and Eddy take a dip in the Creek to settle their nerves. While in the Creek the two remaining Eds start to miss big Ed. When they get back they see Jimmy crying about how Sarah is gone.

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