Edbusters is an EEnE version of Ghostbusters


The Eds just got fired from being cashiers at Burger Kingdom, so they need a new summer ocupation. Eddy sees that there have been recent reports of ghost sightings. Edd builds laser guns and a ginormous vacum drum to capture them. They load them into the Ecto-E, and drive off. They arrive at PCJH after closing. They sneak inside and split up. Edd is in the science lab and spots a ghost version of himself. He shoots it and it is sucked into the giant drum outside. Eddy is in the deathplace of Bobby Blabby. He see's that ghost and sucks it up. Ed is in the cafeteria and captures a ghost of himself that he used in a past scam. Ed and Eddy load thier ghosts into the drum and they drive home. They are in the paper and are named the Edbusters. Kevin writes them a theme song and they play it when they recieve the key to the city. They think their work is done right? Wrong. They're big job has begun. The ghosts they just captured awaken 3 Kanker ghosts and 5 Ancient Warrior Digimon ghosts and the Kanker ghosts merge to form a huge ghost that looks like Edzilla and the Anicent Warrior Digimon ghosts merge to form another giant ghost that looks like Dusknoir. Edd activates the drum while the Eds shoot them. They release traps to weaken them but nothing works. Now they try playing thier theme and it weakens the giant ghosts. They suck them up. But then the 8 ghosts are released again and they merge to form a ginormous ghost that looks like Kowaina. Edd activates the drum again while the Eds shoot it. They start using ghost traps. But it has no effect. They start playing their theme song. But nothing works. So they decide to cross the streams and it causes to ghost to explode and are proclaimed heroes. They go on as ghost hunters. So who are you gonna call? Edbusters!

Theme Lyrics

If there's something strange in the cul-de-sac.

Who you gonna call? Edbusters!

I ain't fraid of no Ed (x2)

Who you gonna call? Edbusters!


Ghost Laser- A portable laser gun that weakens ghosts.

Ghost Sucker X00- The vacum that sucks up the ghosts once they are weakened. 

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