Edd's Parents are well, Edd's Parents.

Edd's Mom

Edd's Mom is the mother of Edd who leaves sticky notes in the house a means of communication to Edd. She has bought Edd new clothes(very odd clothes). She says that fads go in a cycle and if you're behind you'll catch up in the next ten years. She has once grounded Edd but it was only for three days. She has been known to have the "eyes of a hawk" when it comes to unsightly stains in the house. She has also been known to give Edd warm milk, read him a book, and massage his feet before bed. In No Speak Da Ed it is mentioned by Edd that she is allergic to feathers. Sometimes she mispells Edd's name as "Edward".

Edd's Dad

Edd's Dad is the father of Edd who, not unlike Edd's Mother, leaves sticky notes in the house as a means of communication to Edd. In "Fa, La, La, La, Ed" Eddy and Ed rampaged through Edd's parents' bedroom, leading to Ed picking up a pair of Edd's dad's glasses, which implies that he may wear glasses, possibly for reading or long-term. We see his suit in "Momma's Little Ed" which was rather eccentric, so it is possibly a dinner jacket for parties

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