Eddy ouders

Eddy's parents as they were first designed.

Background information about Eddy's parents. This concerns VampireMeerkat's design.

Eddy's parents made their first appearance in 2009, and are again in developement since the beginning of 2013. None of the designs are confirmed yet.

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Last published design (2013).

Full name: Jessica Ingrid Denise
Age: 42

Jessica is Eddy's mother. Her husband always calls her "Jackie".
She has a parttime job as cashier at a supermarket in Peach Creek, though she's usually at home fullfilling the job as housewife. She's the boss around the house.


She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a yellow striped dress.



Alternative designs.

Full name: Stanley Jack Barry
Age: 40

Jack is Eddy's father, and a talented car salesman.
Unlike his appearance suggests, he's a friendly and caring man. While he can be absent-minded at times, he is far from stupid. He tries to take good care of Jessica and Eddy, while he'd rather not talk about Eddy's brother.


He has three black hairs, blue eyes, and wears a green striped shirt. He is very large.

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