"Eddy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory"
Date written: 2009
Writer: Casimus Prime

Eddy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is a fan-fiction written by Casimus Prime. It mixes Willy Wonka with Ed, Edd n Eddy.


Eddy sees that the Jawbreaker Factory has gone out of business. Eddy starts to scream why. He decides that he will open his own factory. So the next morning Ed and Edd, dressed as Oompa Loompas place a chocolate bar in everyone's mailbox saying that if they find a golden ticket, they get to take a tour of Eddy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Surprisingly, every bar has a ticket inside. They all show up at The Lane to see that it has been transformed into a giant candy factory. Eddy Wonka makes his appearance and walks the kids through his amazing factory. Stop 1, the Candy Room. After everyone enters Eddy starts singing Pure Imagination. The Kids start chowing down at the most magnificent candies that Eddy has put together, while he is still singing. After the feast, Sarah and Jimmy refuses to leave, so Eddy leaves them while they go on. Stop 2, the Gum Room. After seeing a lot of brands, Nazz and Kevin stay behind stuffing their faces with gum. Stop 3, the Holiday Candy Room. Rolf is furious by forcing geese to lay eggs 24/7, so he stays behind to try to free them. Stop 4 ,with only Jonny left, The Chocolate Room. Jonny starts to realize that he is allergic to chocolate. Jonny tells Eddy that he tricked him and tells him that was the worst factory tour EVER. He kicks him in the knee and stomps out of the factory. All the kids return and admit they were wrong. Kevin tell the eds that the ed´s friend it's so werd

to be continued


Only one song was performed in the entire episode. It was Pure Imagination". Check the video for the song below.

250px|Eddy Singing Pure Imagination

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