Ed, Edd, n' Eddy movie trailer (fake)01:38

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy movie trailer (fake)

trailer for edformers

Edformers is an online series created by Jbarb that talks about the adventures of the auto eds as they attempt to stop the decepti-kids from obtaining the golden jawbreaker.

The Auto Eds

eddymus prime:the leader parody of optimus prime transforms into semi-truck

double-jazz:the smart one parody of jazz transforms into pontiac soltice

bumble-ed:the young and naive one parody of bumblebee transforms into a dodge challenger

jedfire:weapons specialist parody of jetfire transforms into jet

ratchex:medic parody of ratchet transforms into ambulance

moonmarc:the spy parody of moonracer transforms into F-22 raptor


kevintron parody of megatron transforms into jet

rolfscream parody of starscream transforms into F-22 raptor

sarahbrawl parody of brawl tansforms into tank

jimout parody of blackout transforms into helicopter

jonnycade parody of barricade transforms into police car

nazzcase parody of crankcase transforms into police van

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