The Italian version of Ed Edd n Eddy. All the character's drink wine.


Edgardo: The Italian Ed. He has black hair, two eyebrows, and a small goatee. He wears a green suit with blue dress pants, a white inner shirt, and a red tie. Edgardo turned out to be the most attractive out of the three. He is addicted to Italian soap opera's instead of horror films like Eduardo reads (looks at the pictures) French magazines. He has 2 earrings on 2 wooden ears and he wears 2 eyepatches 2 hook hands and 2 wooden legs and He has 2 wooden ears.

Edoardo: The Italian Edd, nicknamed Double O. He wears a silk black hat on his head to cover his braid. He wears a red vest with a black shirt under it. He wears tight purple jeans. Edoardo wears blue knee high boots. He wears gloves with holes for his fingers. He has 2 earrings on ears.

Eduardo: The Italian Eddy. He grew more muscular but is still skinny and the shortest. He wears a yellow tank top with light blue shorts and a belt. He wears red boots shorter than Double O's. He has more hair and has 2 earings on ears. Eduardo has 2 tattoos of lightenings on his shoulders. He has 8 rings on his 8 fingers and 2 wristbands on his arms.

Kevin: The Italian Kevin. He wears a green tank top, black shorts, 2 earings on wooden ears, and he grew 2 ponytails. Kevin still has his baseball hat. Eddy always says to him “Non è quests un'esposizione italiana? Perchè è ancora il vostro nome Kevin. “ Which means "Isn't this an Italian show? Why is your name still Kevin." But Kevin says “Risulta il mio nome è italiano. Siete così incompetent!“ Which means "Turns out my name is Italian. You are so incompetent!" He wears 2 wristbands on his wrists. He has 2 wooden ears.

Nastasia: The Italian Nazz. She became an Italian model.

Rauf: The Turkish Rolf. He has a pet turkey named Viktor.

Juliano: The Italian Jimmy. He likes playing with Italian Model Dolls.

Sabrina: The Italian Sarah. She is Edgardo's baby sister who gets him into trouble.

Johannes: The Italian Jonny. His 2 best friends is an empty wine bottle named Paco.

Lara Karene: The Italian Lee. She has a crush on Eduardo.

Madolina Karene: The Italian Marie. She has a crush on Edoardo.

Maia Karene: Italian May. She has a crush on Edgardo.

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