Edis is the name of Dr. Prime's time-traveling police car seen in the Me and The Eds episode, Doctor Ed.


Writer Casimus Prime made the Edis a mixture of the Tardis and the DeLorean Time Machine. It's exterior design is similar to a late 1990's police car. In Dr. Ed: The Final Spacetier, The car is based on the alternate mode of Transformers movie character Barricade. When about to travel, the 2 back tires fold out and face the back like jet thrusters. The 2 front fold down like the DeLorean.


On the dashboard of the car is the Locatron X00. With it, the Doctor can choose a planet and time to visit it. The Neuron capacitator is located next to Wal-ly's seat. The steering wheel houses many communication devices and repair tools for in-flight repairs.

Malfunctions and Glitches

As in the case with all the Doctor's gadgets, the Edis goes through many glitches and malfunctions. Many include:

  • Going to the correct planet but at the wrong time or location.
  • Not enough engine fluid.
  • Stopping halfway to its destination.
  • The Neuron capacitator releasing a highly contaminated liquid buring out the Locatron X00.


  • Even though the car looks like it can hold 4, it can only hold 3 (if you don't count Wal-ly's seat).
  • Other than the Doctor and his robot Wal-ly, only 4 other people have ridden in the Edis: Lt. Eddward, Dr. Kevin, Dr. Nazz, and Officer Phineas.
  • The car will be based on the Saleen S281 police car in the next Doctor Ed episode.
  • The code DC11 on the car signifies what number Doctor Prime is (although it is not offical).

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