Edless Winter is a complete fanfiction written by Kirkland22.


It's winter in Peach Creek and the Eds and the kids spend their day in the sewers. Unfortunately, they don't find out until later that a blizzard swept through the land above them and that they are trapped in the sewers of Peach Creek. Now, the Eds and the kids must survive the never-ending winter in the filthy sewers of Peach Creek.

Chapter 1: One winter day, the Eds take the kids into the sewers of Peach Creek for a scam. Unbeknownst to them, a blizzard is sweeping through the land above and they are trapped inside the sewer.

Chapter 2: The harsh reality is revealed when the Eds and the kids try to leave the sewer, but realize that their path is blocked by a thick layer of ice and snow from the blizzard.

Chapter 3: Now, the Eds and the kids are faced with the difficultly of escaping the sewers and returning to the ground level.

Chapter 4: The situation gets worse as the kids are falling ill from the constant exposure to sewage and the bitter cold winter temperatures. Fortunately, Rolf has chiseled his way into the ice layer and it seems an escape is likely.

Chapter 5: Rolf has made his way out of the sewer, and promises the kids he will return this night with food, water, and warm clothing for their survival in the sewers. Unfortunately, another blizzard sweeps through, trapping Rolf in his house, therefore delaying his return to the sewers.

Chapter 6: Rolf finishes gathering up the food, water, and warm clothing, and decides to set out into the blizzard, as the situation in the sewer exacerbates. The kids are in desperate need of assistance now, so the sense of urgency is greater.

Chapter 7: Rolf returns with the food, water, and clothing, and things are looking better for the kids. However, the blizzard is still roaring outside, so the kids are not in the clear yet.

Chapter 8: It's Christmas Eve and the kids decide that it's best for them to set out into the blizzard and return to their homes. This means venturing out into the harsh blizzard, but the thought of returning to their houses for Christmas has them determined. After a difficult struggle for survival in the Peach Creek sewers, the kids are back in their warm homes.


1. The Sewers

2. Life in the Sewers

3. The Escape Attempts

4. The Situation Exacerbates

5. Rolf's Perspective

6. The Effects of the Second Blizzard

7. The Rescue

8. Escape From the Sewers


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