it was morning the kids were eating and then grim appeared " hello children its time for the next challenge follow me " grim said and the kids follow him and then a trap captured the kids and then someone camed from the shadows and it was batman " oh man its batman " kevin said " so guys you meet batman because this is the challenge , your challenge is to defeat the evil jocker who is marie kanker the one who defeats the jocker wins the challenge so begin " grim said . kevin was running with his bike trying to hit marie but then marie throw some bombs that makes smoke and kevin dint see anything and then he and his bike hit nazz , rolf and ed that means they are out of the challenge and that means 4 are leaft and they are eddy , johnny , double d and plank johnny had some a water gun to water jocket but then marie send a toy army to beat johnny and plank and then double d and eddy are left and double d was to scared and he quit the challenge and just eddy was left " i shall beat you kanker " eddy said " yeah you and what army " marie said " i dont need an army to bet you " eddy said and he run to marie but then marie throw smoke bombs and eddy avoidet and marie send the toy army to eddy and eddy beart the toy and he jumped and he beated marie " eddy wins the challenge and he gets 10 points and hes reward is cool weapons of batman and i will see you at the elimination " grim said " sweat " eddy said " congratulations eddy " . double d said

at the elimination " lets begin eddy , ed , nazz , rolf , johnny and plank , double d and kevin this is the last guilded grim and goes to double d sorry kevin but you must go " grim said " bye kevin see you back to the cul-de-sac i will miss you " nazz said " i will miss you too babe " kevin said and he entered in the lameosine and go .







johnny 2x4:0


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