Edventure: the Unborn Darkness

"Edventure: The Unborn Darkness" is an online fanfiction written by LucasBravvus97 on The summary is:

"After Sarah and her friend are kidnapped by a giant snake-bird, Ed, Zoe and Edd leave the safe haven of Alcorona Island to travel across the Great Ocean, searching for Sarah and Elle. What will they find along the way? Read on to find out!"

The author would like to express the fact that in order for this databse too make proper sense, reading the story will be required. (Reviewing also!)


  • Introduction Arc (Chapters 1-3)

Edd, Ed, Zoe, Jimmy, Sarah, Elle and Tomas all live on Alcorona Island. However, their peaceful island life is shattered when a large snake-bird drops a young girl over the island. After rescuing the girl, who is in fact Princess Vinette, Sarah and Elle are kidnapped by the snake-bird. Vinette then decides to take Ed, Edd and Zoe with her to find the girls. After completing several challenges to prove their worth, the the group (including Maisy, Zoe and Edd's dog) arrive at the Cursed Castle, where the kidnapped girls are supposedly begin held. After shutting down the castle searchlights and deafeating Hecubaba, and evil ghost, Edd, Zoe, Maisy and Ed locate the kidnapped girls. However, they are caught by the Quetzaroc and flung out to sea, where they are rescued by a mysterious figure.

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