Edzilla is Ed's one of Ed's alter-egos. In this form, he is a monster.

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Edzilla is the Antagonist in Death Of Degrees and The day The ed Stood Still

He appears several times in Ed, Edd, Edward 'n Eddy. The alter-ego appeared again in the 32nd episode Edzilla Raids Again. Edzilla Raids Again is also the name of an episode of another fanfiction.

In Ed, Edd, Edward 'n Eddy's Edzilla Raids Again, Ed plays it out like he's transforming.

Video Games

1st Form

  • In Fighting Round VI, Bonus Round and FRC Series (Fighting Round: Champions) He has a First Form That is mainly a T-Rex and He is Black and Blue In FRC he has Red Eyes as Well.

2nd Form

  • A New Form In FRC is Edzilla as A Torosaurus this is his Final Dinosaur Form Before He Could Turn into a Full Monster He is The Same Color as His Previous Form.

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