Unsuccessful scientists, Ed, Edd n Eddy, try to create attractions for their science fiction theme park. They try to test their Monster-matic on Ed only to discover Ed has also gained primal instincts.


Ed/Edzilla- Loves science fiction, and always wanted to be a monster, Double Dee and Eddy change him into one with the Monster-matic, but goes out of control.

Edd (Double Dee)- The only one among the Eds who has a masters degree.

Eddy- Always tries to exploit the Eds inventions for his own financial gain.

Jonny and Plank- A local construction worker and his imaginary friend.

Jimmy- Next-door neighbor of the Eds and Sarah's boyfriend.

Sarah- Ed's younger sister, the Eds live in her basement.

Kevin- The mayor of Culdesac-opolis.

Rolf- An ambassador from an unknown country.

Nazz- A tv reporter.

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