Aliases/Nicknames: Triple-E, Triple-3
Age: 15
Owner: CplSmugleaf
Credits: Fatality Engaged Player
Hair Color: Brown
First Appearance: Gaming Eds

Eed E. Haxor (Also known as Triple-E or by his online username Triple-3) is an online gaming nerd who meets The Eds over a game of Team Fortress 2 when Eddy decides to make a scam to give game tips to The Kids (but before they could give game tips they would've had to actually play the game). Eed gets the Eds into gaming (And got Eddy into cyberscams) and eventually become good cyberfriends with each other. Eed is also an experienced hacker and starts using his hacking abilities to hack into Kevin's savings account to benefit the Eds which Edd did not agree with at all, but he managed to accept.

He is shown to have managable HTML skills, as seen in Chapter 3, where he defaces the website of the Jawbreaker Factory.


Eed is an intelligent but rather cowardly individual, he is weak and often doesn't got outside. He is a loner with very few real-life friends, despite this, he is a sociable person once you get to know him and is friendly towards others. He has a criminal record for multiple accounts of unauthorized hacking which not too many others know about. He often enjoys trolling others online but usually only does it when it is required.


Video Games

Fatality Engaged (Player)


  • Triple-E is not to be confused with Edna's wrestling stage name "Triple E" in chapter 21 of "Ed, Edd, Eddy, n  Edna" the name she used was based on her initals and is a obvious parody of "Triple-H" .
  • Triple-E is also not to be confused with the "Triple-E Frog Jumping Derby" scam the Eds made (or tried to make) in "Thick as an Ed"
  • Eed only has two Es but he is nicknamed Triple-E. The most logical answer would be that Eed's middle name starts with an E and that's where he gets Triple-E from.
  • Eed's nickname "Triple-3" comes from the ever-changing 1337 language of the Internet, with 3 translating to the English letter; E.
  • Eed's shoes are based on a pair of shoes the author once owned.
  • The name "Haxor" is the Internet slang term for "Hacker"

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