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The Tibetian Ed.

He wears black pants, he has a black shirt,he has boots and he is fater than Ed.


The Tibetian Edd (Also called Double T).

He is much smarter and a little stronger. He has a orange cap, orange shoes, orange pants and an orange shirt.


The Tibetian Eddy.

He is kind one bit. he wears a dark red shirt,dark brown pants, and and dark blue shoes.


The Tibetian Kevin.

He wears a cap that looks like a car,has a black shirt, gray shoes, and gray pants.


The Tibetian Nazz.

She wears pink cloths. She resembles Nazz's behavior.


The British Rolf.

He wears British clothes. He has a crush on Seba (Sarah).

Jigme (prounounced: Jijme)

The Tibetian Jimmy.

He is not wimpy like Jimmy and kinder than him. He wears light blue Pants, a yellow shirt, and dark blue shoes.


The Tibetian Sarah.

She wears yellow clothes.

Jampo and Banana

The Tibetian Johnny and Plank.

He wears white clothes.

Banana is just a plain dirty Banana

Lei Kactkar

The Tibetian Lee.

She wears dark orange cloth.

Madna Kactkar

The Tibetian Marie.

She wars dark blue cloths.

Mai Kactkar

The Tibetian May.

She wears brown cloth.

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