Ferry is one of Eddy's brother's shortlived "friends" from the past. He was 13 years old when they met.
His real name is Ferdinand.

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Ferry is kind, caring, but too nice for his own good. Even though he's not into crime or bullying and even thinks it's unacceptable, he thinks Terry is cool and tries to do everything he can in order to get accepted by him.
Compared to Jerry, he's a lot more gullible and often blindly accepts Terry's requests and offers without second thought.

He and Jerry are the biggest losers in school, moreso than Ed, Edd and Eddy, as most people aren't even aware of their existence.
While Ferry has problems at school and issues with his family, he's an eternal optimist.


Ferry has big eyes, a small mouth, a lava-lamp shaped head, red hair, and wears a brown jacket, blue pants and black shoes.



Jerry and Ferry have been friends since they were infants and it's a rare sight to see either one of them walking the streets alone. Because of Ferry's mild personality, he is tolerant of Jerry's hyperactive and childish behaviour.

Eddy's brother

While Ferry's an easier target, Terry prefers to bully his friend more than him, perhaps because he annoys him more. Ferry and Terry can have serious conversations, even though Terry doesn't care to entertain him.


Ferry reveals he often "disappoints" her, even though he never really does anything to deserve that comment. His mother always chooses the side of his sisters whenever there's a fight or argument going on between them.


Ferry has 4 older sisters, presumably 17 years old or above. They despise him, often for no valid reason; and always blame him for stealing their possessions, not doing his chores, or simply for being "dumb" and "annoying".
It's not certain if these statements are justified, but since Ferry always hangs out with Terry and provides him materials for his scams, it could very well be he doesn't do any chores and takes their belongings.

Usually only their hands/arms are portrayed and sometimes the back of their body or their legs. They seem to be very fond of Jerry.


  • As he's a character from the past, he's an adult at this day and age.
  • He's currently a lawyer.
  • Most of his relatives are from Germany.

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