Ferry's sisters are unseen characters from "Ferry, Jerry n Terry", created by VampireMeerkat.

They're always "seen" together and usually portrayed as one hand each. Noticeable is that every arm is different. They bear a certain hatred for their little brother, Ferry, and almost a sick love and obsession for his friend, Jerry.

They are, next to unseen, also nameless characters.

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Ferry's sisters greeting Ferry.


Ferry's sisters greeting Jerry.

The bracelet sister

She is the oldest. She often starts telling Ferry how stupid he is; making her the meanest out of the 4, since her insults are random.

The bare sister

She is the second oldest. Her complaints are mixed.

The short-sleeved sister

She is the second youngest, some say she is the prettiest out of the 4 sisters. She has long nails and her complaints are mixed.

She always buys some sort of gift for Jerry.

The long-sleeved sister

She is the youngest. She often blames Ferry of stealing her possessions.

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