"Ferry, Jerry n Terry"
Date written: 2010
Writer: Anastasia Stephan

Ferry, Jerry n Terry is a series about a young Eddy's brother and his two persistent "friends", Ferry and Jerry.
The title is a parody of "Ed, Edd n Eddy", even though Terry doesn't consider himself to be friends with either boys.

Created by Anastasia Stephan.

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Artwork from March, 2010.

Running Gags

  • Jerry compliments on Terry's hat every time they meet again ("Hi Terry, nice hat.").
  • Whenever Ferry and Jerry enter Ferry's home, Ferry gets scolded by his sisters, while Jerry gets compliments and treats.
  • According to Jerry, his mother faints every time he comes home wounded.
  • Young Kevin seems to appear on the background so now and then.


  • They are considered the only friends Terry ever had, though their friendship didn't last long; as both their parents moved away from Peach Creek as soon they realised they were hanging out with Terry. They've been together for only a year.

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