at the cloning chamber the minions are working and at the top there is galaxion and the kankers

galaxion: yes yes soon i shall destroy this planet with unstoballe cloning minions , my queens at my side and the power trapped in this ancient toy robot our plan cannot fail hahahahhaahhaha oh there are two naked clones there forget about them

there are 1 double d naked clone and 1 ed clone naked and ed and double d enter in the clones

edd: now how do we get the robot

ed: i know how double d

then ed runs and jumps high at the top and attacks galaxion and takes the robot and jumps back

galaxion: get them

edd: lets run

they run with the minions chasing after them

edd: double d and ed to rescue team , double d and ed to rescue team , robot aquired eat me over

norrington: roger that

then controlled monster eddy comes and eats the two clones , at the brain the two clones give the robot to edd and the clones go to the stomach section

edd: we got the robot ed will you do the honor

ed: yeah

then edd gives ed the robot and uses the destroyed and destroys the dark matters and then rolf cuts the tumour to pieces then is shaking

rolf: oh oh looks like ed boy is transforming back to normal but we have to get here

spores eddy: save yourelves

the spores and tell them to save themselves and then the narrator cames from the door and hits keviniscopus and dr norrington

narrator: my friends the most wonderfull thing has happened that eddy really cares for you

keviniscopus: uh who is this guy

edd: hes the perfecation of eddys super ego

keviniscopus: ah

norrington: makes sense

then they fall unconcinous

narrator: that means he is more than just pure id he is capable of self sacrifice he used his last psychic energy to show you the tear ducts so then you can escape

edd: wow

narrator: now go

then edd , edd , rolf , keviniscopus and dr norrington exit throught the tear ducts while edd watched as narrator waved at him and then edd entered too , back outside monster eddy is crying

monster eddy: waahhhhhhhhhh

keviniscopus: uh why arent we moving

edd: wait a second this isnt the tear duct

then monster eddy sneezed edd , ed , rolf , keviniscopus and norrington out of his body and they fall and then monster eddy begins to shrink down and then eddy transformerd back to normal and camed to the guys

eddy: hey guys

edd: eddy you back to normal

ed: eddy

then ed hugs both edd and eddy

eddy: ed

ed: hello


ed: hello

eddy: ED

ed: hello

eddy: enough

then ed lets eddy and edd go

ed: hey guys i see that galaxion tries to escape with the kankers i see his spaceship

he points to the ship then

ed: i am going to use my mind to make this toy robot into a giant robot and destroy itself with galaxion ship

eddy: good idea lumpy just hurry

then ed uses his mind and the cthonic destroyer grows into a giant robot and luanches to outer space direct to galaxion , at galaxion ship

lee: what a loser

marie: yeah total

may: one loser

galaxion: for the last time my queens next i will get you a kingdom in the next world we qonquer just get me far away from

then the kankers cell phone is ringing

galaxion: dint i tell you to get rid of that cell phone already

lee: who could possible be calling us

then the toy robot is near galaxion ship and begins to explode along with the ship with galaxion and the kankers by killing them and back at earth making a start

eds: cool

at the cul-de-sac everything is repaired and then ed is at a machine and then is done and ed gets out of it

rolf: now you dont have anymore psychic energy ed boy

ed: im going to miss that

eddy: the important thing is that everything is back to normal

edd: exactly but keviniscopus and dr norrington what are you going to do

norrington: we shall go find another way for me to get back to the dark dimension well goodbye coming keviniscopus

keviniscopus: yes my master

then keviniscopus and dr norrington go away

eddy: man im hungry lets go something to eat

edd: yes its seems i am hungry too after all this

ed: butter toast

then the ed edd n eddy lego icon then the scene fades black


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