Flashed eds

Ed, Edd and Eddy's eternal smile.

Flashed Ed, Edd 'n Eddy are the Eds that appear in VampireMeerkat's prank animations.

They have a simple design and no animation. Except for their surroundings, but it's limited.
The "Flashed" Eds appear only in animations that have the title "The ..... Ed, Edd n Eddy Flash", and a misleading description/word that only sometimes tries to be relevant to the animation. It often starts out promising (with fancy menus or actual animation), but gets cut off after a few seconds, followed by Ed, Edd and Eddy doing something completely random.

Their designs are loosely inspired on an earlier creation by Vampiremeerkat called "Disturbingly Fancy Eddy" and the "Sarah wants.."-comics.

The first animation with these characters was called "The Best Ed, Edd n Eddy Flash".

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