For Mel, Love Jon is a series about two homosexual students at Peach Creek Junior High.

When Mel moves into Peach Creek and joins Jon's class as the new student, Jon immediately falls in love with him and tries everything to get his attention. As he's convinced that Mel is also homosexual, based on certain things he likes and dislikes, he often brings up the subject, but Mel denies all claims.

In most of the (future) comics Mel and Jon already have a relationship. While being in this relationship, they discuss the media and news and encounter everyday problems; some regular and some caused by their sexuality.

Created by Anastasia Stephan.

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Full name: Mel DeVierre (French pronunciation)
Jon and Mel

Jon and Mel.

Mel is 16 years old and a recent citizen of Peach Creek.
He's a kind and shy character, who lacks the courage to stand up for himself and his ideas. Even so, his mouth is hardly ever shut.

Mel moved a lot in his life and had never made a friend before, though that never affected his social skills.
He seems to have no talents whatsoever, which often upsets him. He plays the flute, but isn't good in doing so. Other than that, he doesn't have any other hobbies.

Both Mel's parents don't seem to appreciate him and often ignore him. Especially his father dislikes Mel, because of Mel's reluctance to follow his dreams for him. His father is often drunk or in a random rage.
Mel used to be a victim of his abusive, but quickly learned to stay out of his father's way whenever he's in a bad mood. His mother is a work-a-holic and hardly ever home.
Thanks to their lack of interest in their son, his parents don't know he is homosexual. Despite Jon's past urging, Mel never had the courage to tell them and only described Jon as a "friend" to them.

Mel has pale skin, green eyes, black eyebrows, light blonde hair in a little ponytail, and wears a yellow sweater, blue pants, and brown shoes. His appearance is similar to Jimmy's.


Jon is 16 years old and had a love-at-first-sight moment with Mel.
He is talented musician and overall clever, though gets jealous and over-protective whenever it concerns Mel, which often makes him choose the wrong path and use violence to solve his problems. He's always around when Mel gets bothered by classmates or other people, suggesting that Jon follows him.
His grades are never lower than A's, yet nobody considers him to be the class "nerd". He is a respected member in class, this is also why Mel often gets attacked instead of him.

Jon's parents are much like him and often seen being overly cheerful. Even so, they are busy people, but work home alot.
Jon told Mel he did let his parents know they have relationship, but it's unknown if he did or if his parents cared, since neither of them ever acknowledged their relationship in any way.

Jon has long, black, wavy hair, black eyes, an angular mouth, and a very relaxed expression on his face. He wears a chequered blouse with a black shirt, a golden necklace, dark-blue trousers and green shoes.




Full name: Stephany Fossy
She is 15 years old, and used to have a crush on Jon since kindergarten. After Mel moved to Peach Creek she fell in love with him instead.

She is the "Nazz"-character of her class. Even though she's friendly and caring, she is not good in judging situations and paying attention to the obvious; while almost the entire class comments on Jon and Mel's sexuality, she doesn't know they're in a relationship and is still trying to get Mel's attention.

Stephany has long brown/red hair in a ponytail, and brown eyes with full eyelashes.


Full name: Anastasia Stephan
Anastasia rawr

Anastasia with Jon and Mel on the background.

The artist. Because this character was first used in the unfinished animation for the "Nyan Nyan" animation where she lured on Eddy, it's suggested that the character also lives in Peach Creek. She was placed in Mel and Jon's class for continuity. Here she's also chasing Eddy.

According to the first "For Mel, Love Jon" submission she was first to notice Jon's crush on Mel, which means she's also the first one to know about their sexuality and relationship.
Anastasia doesn't say much and is often to be seen in the background, doing even less. But she's always the first to know something about someone, usually matters that should be kept secret.
She isn't an accepted member in class, as most are turned off by her reserved behaviour.

Anastasia has long, black hair, blue eyes, wears a red spotted shirt that hangs on her shoulders, blue pants, a crown necklace, a beauty mark in her neck, and often has a disturbed and angry look on her face.


Full name: Deirdre Stephan
The artist, also. Because this character was first used in the unfinished animation for the "Nyan Nyan" animation where she lured on Edd, it's suggested that the character also lives in Peach Creek. She was placed in Mel and Jon's class for continuity. Here she's also chasing Edd.
Deirdre did not make an appearance in the first "For Mel, Love Jon" submission.

Deirdre is Anastasia's best friend and supposedly her sister.
She is a cheery character who is very hard to discourage. She is ignorant and clueless about many things, but she's never afraid to ask questions. How disturbing they may be.

She has long, blonde hair, blue eyes, wears a red sweater and blue pants.


Full name: Titus Drakon
Titus is 16 years old and the school bully. He likes to target Mel because of his sexual preference, but at the same time doesn't approach Jon; supposedly because he is able to fight back, saying alot about Titus' personality. Titus is a "proud" homophobe, but strangely enough also afraid of flies.

He has black hair with three, blonde strands of hair at the front, and wears a black t-shirt.

Titus (2)

The guys

Titus (Pet), Robin, Arnold and Titus (Drakon).

Full name: Titus Pet

Titus is 15 years old and often called "Titwo" (Titus two), which he doesn't like, as he was a Peach Creek High student before Titus Drakon moved into Peach Creek.

Even though Titus often joins his friends with scolding and beating up Mel, he doesn't enjoy it that much as the others. He has a huge crush on Stephany, and because he wants her respect and attention, he tries not to join any fights.
He once asked Mel for love tips.

Titus has brown hair, wears a black cap, and a big red sweater.


Robin is one of Titus Drakon's friends. He's 16 years old, has red spiky hair and freckles.


Arnold 15 years old, has brown hair and often joins with Titus Drakon's bullying. Not much else is known about him.


After Jon ended up in the hospital for the 3rd time because of his growing aggressive behaviour towards Mel's bullies, his parents finally made the decision to move away from Peach Creek in order to bring peace to their son's mind. Seeing how his relationship with Mel was slowly changing his once relaxed personality, they thought it was the only solution.
They chose not tell Mel or Jon where they were leaving to, and naturally Jon caused a scene and locked himself up in Mel's house in response. He was captured when Mel's father overheard Mel and Jon talking and discovered they had a relationship.

In the following years Mel's life changed drastically. He was ordered out the house by his father at a young age and his father had spend all Mel's savings as "punishment" for his sexual preference, forcing his son to live in terrible circumstances.
Mel never made any new friends and didn't keep contact with his former classmates. He rented a small room in a nearby city and accepted a lousy job for a newspaper company where he had to spellcheck big amounts of articles.
As he could perform this job at home and didn't do much grocery shopping because of the lack of money, he hardly left his home.
But his job came with a laptop, and with it he attempted to look for Jon's wherabouts; and he stubled upon the many forum topics and "letters" on the internet that were written by Jon addressed to him over the years, telling where they moved to and asking him to contact him. But the letters were old and irrelevant.

Mel and Jon were around their 30s when they finally met each other again. Jon, a successful record's manager, was in Mel's city for business and spotted his weakened boyfriend browsing the pavement for food and usuable items.
After Jon was introduced to his pitiful residence, he took Mel to come live with him. Mel recovered and they married each other one year after their last encounter.


  • "For Mel, Love Jon" was previously called "THIS CARTOON IS GAY"
  • The characters were not supposed to make a return or to be used a second time since they were only created to make a certain point about (cartoon) yaoi/slash.
  • Jon is the only main character who doesn't have a last name.
  • The name "Titus" comes from a bully the artist had in high school.
  • Anastasia's clothes are based on the artist's clothing.
  • Jon's clothes are also based on the artist's clothing.
  • Deirdre is based on the artist's first cartoon version of herself (2000).
  • Stephany's character design is slightly based on another character from an previous creation; called "Stephany", who is a female fox (1998).
  • Noticable is that Mel has some similarities to Jimmy
  • The new title "For Mel, Love Jon" is based on the name suggestions made by Yehara5
  • The original Ed, Edd and Eddy characters sometimes make an appearance, since they're attending the same school.

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