future ed ama is created by lordmake up and the other guy who made this it's about Eddy in the future


Eddy goes back to the time machine and go twenty years later into the future witch they find out Edd is a janitor who no longer his hat show he has loads hair and is also one of Eddy's roommates. Kevin is a cop, Nazz is a nurse (voiced by Drew Barrymore) Jonny is bird watcher, Sarah and Jimmy are dating and the Kankers are in prison but it was weird not finding himself in the future. Eddy tries to make Edd help him in a scam but Edd told him the he is to old for scams and and that one of his scams got Ed dead so Eddy got scared and ran away then he found Rolf with big eyes that are red and frightning Rolf told him that Kevin and the kanker died after a big nucleur bomb in prison the only one who survived was Rolf and May. So eddy ran away to his room with Edd. He found Edd holding Nazz and Nazz is dead Edd said that he wanted to ask her out but then she screamed and fell as if someone killed her. There was only one kanker in town "May" they all blamed her. when they went they found in prison alone. Rolf got May out of prison and brought her to a room where everyone were Jonny was hold a knife and waitting but then Jonny just fell down died it was the evil soul of the kankers that did this but when Jonny died the knife killed her and then Rolf got her soul in a jar to not escape. The kankers' evil souls were going to attack him but kevin soul fighted their soul but he was one so Jonny and Nazz's soul joined the power was so great and large and then they were dead.

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"The space beneath the rock is vacant."-- Rolf

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