GTEd is a game created

by A.K.A Cartoon games. The series revolves around the Eds. during the games, Each will come face to face with each other. It is an Open world game, and crime is a big problem in the city of Peach Creek. Many of the characters will have a connection to each other in the game. As the series goes on, Peach Creek will change and be a battlefield for rival gangs.


Eddy: Eddy appears in in GTEd to the last game GTEd IV. He was abducted in the Canadian Civil war to fight for a rebel Alliance. he is as tall as double D, actually a few inches taller, and is the same height as Ed. After the war, he was unable to let go and move on, as his brother was killed after an ambush from the enemy. He now lives in an apartment in Peach Creek City. He can't hold down a real job, because killing was the only thing he was good at. he is very athletic and is great at free-running or parkour. he is very protective of his family and friends. He is in need of money, so he had no choice but to become a hired gunman.

Edd: Edd appears in the Second Game to the last one. He is a well known man, known as a bounty hunter and hero of Peach creek city. He looks like everybody would look up to, but in reality he is a gang lord of the Peach Creek star-9 gang. He will supply information on the whereabouts of other gang lords and drug cartels that Eddy has to kill. Little does everybody know , including Eddy, that he is the main antagonist of the game and with the right ending, he will kill Eddy's girlfriend, Samantha.

Ed: Ed is happy-go-lucky guy who helps you in submissions and near the end of the game, will get killed depending on your choice. He runs a failing car wash business but is engaged to Nazz ( If anybody wants to complain about that, notify me,ok?). He is a playable character in The ballad Of gay Jimmy. if you choose money as the ending, Eddy will nearly be killed by an assassin but Ed will be killed. Like Eddy, he is very protective of his family and will do anything to save or protect them

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