Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Garbage Ed and Garbage Ed"
I have the image. You just need to wait till 2010.
Season No.: 6
Episode No.: N/A
Production Code: N/A
Airdate: N/A
Title Reference: Garbage In and Garbage Out
Writer(s): N/A
Director(s): N/A
Storyboards by: N/A
Previous Episode: Futur-Ed-ama


It's a typical day in the life of the Eds. Eddy is yet again trying to come with another one of his famous hair brained scam and he get a garbage can and that stuff out of it and starts redecorating the stuff.

Kevin gets a plank, gimmiked to look like a surfboard, Rolf gets a pikle jar (jar of moldy sausages), Nazz gets nail polish (red paint) and Jimmy gets a teddy (a dust bunny.) However soon they catch on and demand a refund. Luckly, Eddy convinces that the teddy's design is to be rebild, the pikles are vintage, the nail polish and surfboard are both emported. After a few days of good biusness, everyone is sick of the pathetic copies and want good ones or else. As Eddy is saying 100% no refunds blah, blah, blah, Ed barges in with the garbage can and ruins the scam. The kids ransack the scam and steal Eddy's money. Final, Ed pops in share some pizza with the trio he from the garbage can. Edd and Eddy rush to garbage to vomit. The episode ends with Ed saying "Yummy!"


  • Eddy: The products have minor diffiulties but there is no refund policy!

Ed:Eddy I got more trash for your scam!

The Kids: WHAT!

Eddie: Oh no.

Ed:I mean...Ummm...ahhh...ummm.

Ed: (thinks) Okay Ed, just say somthing. Anything at all just say somthing. Come on just say somthing come on, spit it out. OH COME ON, JUST SAY SOMETHING YOU MORON.

Ed:Any body seen the movie Ghoust Dad.

Kevin:The products are from he trash.

Ed:(thinks) Yeah, you should of said anything.

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