Gleap is a character in the Fanfic. Ed Edd n Eddy: A tale in fantasy.


Gleap is a Hobgoblin the measenger for Noria, the Raven Queen, and does his best to please her. Despite his high posistion, the other residents of the Castle Raven treat him like dirt, and have given him the nickname, Dustmite, due to him being so small. He is full grown, but only a few inches shorter than his fellow Hobgoblin kin. He wears a small leather shirt and a bowler hat and short pants, giving him a goofy appearence. He is very stealthy, and was given the job to spy on King Rion, but Noria did not instruct him to kill the King, because she did not belive him capleble. His common weapon is a jocky whip.


Gleap is a nervous, yet michevious, little rascal. He goes to great lengths to please his mistress. He is also sinister and can be sometimes sadistic. He has lead small squads to attack the Eds, but most attemps have failed.


Gleap was killed in the final battle.

After a mad struggle to destroy Sark's Keystone, The Eds and friends ended up dropping it were it fell to Gleaps feet. Noria beckoned him to toss it to her so that Sark's summoning would be complete. But instead, Gleap tossed it to Kevin, tierd of taking orders from the Raven Queen, making a smart comment that he was resinghing. In a rage, Noria killed him by running him through with her sword in revenge. After the battle was over, he was surronded by our heros who thanked him. In his last moments, Gleap was saying how happy he was that right as he was about to complete the journey into darkness, that he crossed over to the path to light, but he is sad that he will never fully go down the path to light. He dies and Eddy places his bowler hat on top of the hobgoblin's head, and put the Jockey whip in his hand. The heroes leve him in the summoning alter to rest in peace.

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