Gulitar is an evil version of Casimus Prime. He only appears as a villian in the upcoming fanfiction Edformers: Revenge of The Machines.


In Edformers, Casimus wanted to see what would happen if he combined RoboHero Commander and RoboVillan Commander together. The result was Gulitar. He later infused it with a blue gem he found on Planet Jeweled 2 weeks ago. The next morning it was alive. His alternate mode is the front of a truck with a wing-like trailer which becomes his legs. He later used the gem's inter power to fuse himself to Casimus Prime.


He makes a cameo in the trailer for ROTM, as a robot that is ready to suck Prime in as he is transforming into human mode. He also appears later as a statue in Edd's Garage next to Deathatron.


  • He is a parody of the Transformers character Guiltaur.

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