This is the ninth episode of Ricky490's new series, Holly Ed, it's the episode showing the kids trying to let their dreams come true.


Happily Ed After
Happily Ed After
When You Wish Upon a Star, Maybe It Will Come True...Maybe!

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Happily Ever After


Try to get the three wishes




Your wish will come true

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At morning ed was watching all the horror films and monster films and he finish watching and he and the kids gone to eat breakfast and when they finish eating grim appeared " good morning contenstents today you will be into a new world " grim said " what do you meean a new world " double d said " a world that maybe you seen in your dreams now follow me at studio 49 land of the fiary world " grim said and the kids follow him .

When the kids were at the studio grim appeared " well contenstents heres the challenge " grim said and he uses magic and he make the kids disapper , the kids are in some place and grim appeared " i think someone will tell you about the challenge " grim said and a fairy appeared " hello kids i am a magical fairy , the challenge is in three parts on zones the contenstent who will come at the end of the magical zone of the fairy world it will grand a wish " the fairy said " a wish ? " double d asked " yes there are three wishes that the three people who comes to the end of the three magical zones and it wall grand the three wishes in the zones it will be like in your dreames that will come true for you " fairy said " cool " ed said and that the fairy transported the kids to the first zone .

the kids were at the first zone and the first zone was the zone of the dinosaurs " its so beautifull here " jimmy said and the group were going on their way till the dinosaurs begin to attack the kids and they tried to run but more dinosaurs were coming and ed smashed one of the dinosaurs and the others were escaping and the see the magical fairy and that means there is the end of the first zone but more dinosaurs show up and the others were fighting and jimmy was going to the fairy and a dinosaur come and jimmy jumped in his head and he was at the fairy " well done young man you come to the end of the first zone now whats your first wish " the fairy said " my wish is to became a star " jimmy said and the fairy granted his wish " now young boy you are a star and now that you granted your wish you dont need to go to the others zones just the other will go and you won the challenge and you have 10 points " the fairy said " yay " jimmy screamed in joy " now you other contenstents the next zone " the fairy said and transported the other kids to the next zone .

The kids were at the next zone and they see some soldiers who were puppets and singing it was the zone of the puppets " man this will be easy i mean they are just puppets right " eddy said " yes ed boy but they are strange for rolf " rolf said and the puppets see the kids and they fire rockets at them and the contenstents run but the army of puppets follow them " plank i told you the puppets were evil now look " johnny said and double used the slingshot to defeat the puppets and more rockets come to the contenstents and tried to run and double d see the fairy at the end of the second zone and double defeated the puppets and he was first at the end of the second zone " good work young man now whats your second wish " the fairy said " my wish is to have the big telescope " double d and the fairy granted his wish " young boy now you have a giant telescope and won the challenge and you have 10 points " the fairy said and transported the other kids .

the kids were at the final zone and were knights that means it was the zone of the knights " oh man dinosaurs , puppets now knights " eddy said " i know its annoying but this is the final zone and one of us will have the final wish " nazz said and the knights attacked the kids and run like in the other zones " when this challenge is over grim will owe me something " eddy said while running from the knights they fire cannons and rolf was hit in the head and he was knock out and the others like johnny , plank , eddy and sarah were knock out and there was just three were left like ed , nazz and kevin . they see the fairy and more knights come and they fighted and kevin was knock and nazz and ed were left and ed beated all the knights and nazz was out and ed run to the fairy and he did it " congratulations young boy now whats your final wish " the fairy said " my wish is to have lots of gravy and eat " ed said and the fairy grandted the final wish " okay young buy now you have lots of gravy how much you heart wants and you won the challenge and you have 10 points " the fairy said and transported the kids back to the studio .

the kids were back at the studio " welcome back so the fairy told me that the winners are jimmy , double d and ed and they have 10 points while you have not a point and the rewards were the wishes that the fairy granted them , jimmy now is a star for a day at america and now he will go to america with a cool limosine , double d has his giant telescope and ed has lots of gravy to eat " grim said the jimmy , double d and ed were very happy .










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