Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Hat of an Ed"
Hat of an ed
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 4
Production Code:  ????
Airdate:  ????
Writer(s): Solo28
Previous Episode: Oh Ed
Next Episode: Holy Ed

Hat of an Ed is another Ed Edd n Eddy: Scammers Return Fan-Fiction.


While Edd is sleeping, Ed and Eddy steal his Hat. Edd wakes up to no hat, he freaks out and gets something to cover his head. He uses his Bathing Cap and runs out. Ed and Eddy sneak by and steal that too. Everybody sees what's under Edd's Hat. Edd starts crying in shame of his secret. Nazz asks what happened to his Head. Edd tells Nazz that he had it since he was born. Edd walks out into the sunset, in shame of his revealed secret. Ed and Eddy think maybe stealing his Hat wasn't a very good idea. Ed and Eddy chase after Edd. They tell him they stole his hat, apologize, Edd accepts, then Ed and Eddy take a picture of Edd without his hat and they run off. Edd put on his Hat and chases after them.

What's Under Edd's Hat?

Yes, What is....Well In this Fan-Fic it's only a theory but the theory in this fan-fiction is wild, rigity hair and a Pimple.

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