Author: DogDays124
Date: June 20, 2010
Culture: Native American

The Native American Ed Edd n Eddy. Most of these names are Native American, with the exception of Rolf. This fanfiction is created by DogDays124.



Hega is the Native American Ed.

He wears a headband with a green feather on his head. He has more black hair. He has no shirt on. He has green, red and white bracelets and beads that are said to be sacred, the red means blood, and. Hega wears baggy light blue tight shorts. he doesn't wear shoes. He doesn't have eyebrows


Hebazhu is the Native American Edd. Everyone calls him Double H.

Hebazhu wears a head piece that covers all of his hair, but he has braids.He has red and yellow paint on his face. He just wears the same clothes a chief wears.


Honga is the Native American Eddy. He wears a headband with a green feather on his head. He has four hairs on his head. He has no shirt on. He wears bracelets and beads.

Honga has the same personality. He sells beats, buffalo hides, and fruit.


The Native American Kevin

Gets bothered by Honga. His name means big leader.


The Native American Nazz.

Likes to go to movies, play video games, and listen to music. She resembles Nazz.


The Spanish Rolf.

Loves to eat meat. Teases Nuaza And Jeen


The Native American Jimmy.

Likes playing with animal dolls.


The Native American Sarah

She is much tougher than Sarah and attacks everyone (except Jeen).


The Native American Jonny.

His best friend is pua (The Native American Plank).

Luu Kanky:

The Native American Lee.

Has a crush on Honga.

Maaraa Kanky:

The Native American Marie.

Has a crush on Hebazhu.

Muy Kanky:

The Native Ameican May.

Has a crush on Hega.


  • Hebazhu (Edd) is still as smart as he really is, but he is just more primitive.
  • Hega (Ed) spends his time shooting buffalo, but he doesn't like buffalo.
  • Rafael is now 16 years old.
  • Honga's Brother is the chief.

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