Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Horror Team Home Work Ed (TEI Episode)"
Horror Team Home Work Ed 1
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 9
Writer(s): TheBiggestEdFan
Previous Episode: World of Nurse (Episode)
Next Episode: Disater Master (Episode)

Horror Team Home Work Ed is an episode of TEI.

For the New Adventures of Ed Edd n Eddy episode, see Horror Team Home Work Ed.


Eddy annouces there will be a horror movie challenge. Later, the teams are trapped in a haunted house. As Ed, Kevin, Jenny, Nazz, Lee, Marie, May, Molly, Liz and Dick stay out of scared, Sandy and Kyle are the scardy pantsers. The teams walk through the haunted house. Almost everything scares Kyle and Sandy, but Sandy is scared more. So The Killer Eds win. The next challenge includes scaring the other team. So the KE dress Jonny and Liz up as dead husband and wife. The SE are forced to do FRIENDLY halloween because Molly convinced them to be appropriet because Sandy went hyper. AGAIN. So the SE had to do a smiley witch and a smiley mummy and alot of halloween sympols with smiley faces. Soon, the presention would come. So, the teams got ready. Ed and Kevin were worried they wouldn't win. And it comes true went Sandy is scared to death when she sees "dead" Jonny and Liz. At the bonfire, Guilded Eddys are given to Ed, Kevin, Jenny, Lee and May. Sandy and Molly are final. And Molly GETS final. Sandy is carried off to the lameousien and andy screams "I'M ONLY 6!"


  • Sandy is 6, so this means Sarah and Jimmy are 6, too.
  • Sandy is voted off.


  • Sandy: Molly, The Killer Ed's project is scary.

Molly: Okay, i'll make our team do something NOT scary. (mumbles) And get myself voted off.

  • Ed: Molly was stupid in this challenge.

Kevin: I'm voting for her.

  • Jonny: Oh, I know! Let's do a haunted penny!

Liz: No!

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