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"I'm your Ed"
Date written: August 1,2009
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: The NEW Edventures of Ed,Edd,N Eddy
Fanfic No.: 7
Previous Fanfic: Ed Trip
Next Fanfic: Ed's Da Man

This is an episode in Season 1 of The NEW Edventures of Ed,Edd,N Eddy.

Title refference:I'm your Man


Ed is forced to work for Rolf 24 Hours a Day because he was blamed for destroying Rolf's portrait and Edd has to stop it.
The Eds Are Coming 0006

Rolf's Biggest Cheese-Ball in the World!


Ed:Fruit for Root Beer!(Echos a few times.)

Edd freaked out on the News.

Rolf:You dare to destroy the royal potrait of Rolf being the King of England,Scotland!?There you parish!
Edd:It's not Ed's fault! Honest.
Rolf:Then who destroyed the royal potrait of Rolf being the King of England, Scotland?
Eddy: IT IS Ed's FAULT!
Edd and Rolf:Eddy!/Ed Boy!
Eddy:So how can I repay you,Rolf ol' Chum?(To himself) Chump.


Ed:I like running,Eddy!
TV from EEnE

Ed:"The TV is acting up again!"

Eddy:Get back here!
Edd:Oh my!
Rolf:Aahh.Rolf is don-ED BOYS!!!!!!!!!
Rolf: Ed Boy Short and Ed Boy Smart,GET OUT!!!! I would like to speak with Ed Boy Dumbo.
Ed:Ed Boy Dumbo!That's me!

(Scene cuts Ed and Rolf talking.)
Rolf:"You have deregarde the rule of you destroying Rolf's tractor!"
Ed:It wasn't me,boss.
Rolf:You are forced to work by Rolf to repay me FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!"

Edd:GASP!(Rolf checks window but dosen't notice anything.)
Rolf:You're free to go!



Rolf: Rolf is tricking you you will work until you say your sorry and rolf proves it!!!!!!!!!

The Eds: No way!!

Rolf: Then Rolf will KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddy: Okay were sorry, there.

Rolf: Okay now your free to go.

Ed: YAY!!!

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