Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"I've Got to Ed!"
I've Got to Ed!
Season No.: 6(unoffical)
Episode No.: 3a
Airdate:  ????
Title Reference: I've Got to Go!
Previous Episode: Jumble Ed
Next Episode: The Man With the Golden Ed

I've Got to Ed! is a episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy Return. This is in which the Eds don't know what to do until Ed gets the idea of remebering stuff.


  • This episode seems to be real and is avaliable for download on Mediafire.
  • Go to the Ed Store was set to be the pilot, but this was the first one made. All of the Eds were voiced by User:TheBiggestEdFan, but in the flashbacks they were voiced by their regular portrayers.


  • Eddy: I just don't know what to do Double D!

Ed: BOING!!!
Eddy: Okay... what's Ed doing?

  • (after Eddy and Double D fought over the cursed phone)

Ed: Let's change the subject guys! Remeber the time when I did a scam?
Eddy: That wasn't a scam Ed.
Ed: Oh yes it was! Remember?
(it goes to a flashback, from It Came From Outer Ed)