The Ice Cream Train was one of the few vehicles that appears in Me and The Eds.

Appearance in The Series

The train was originally the truck from an older scam. But Chris asks "What do kids love most?" The answer, trains and ice cream. Put em together and you get a train that serves a really yummy dessert. The Eds mainly use this for transport. It resembles a steam locomotive painted in pink and white. The tender actually stores the ice cream. Instead of a speaker that plays music, it plays songs through it's smoke produced by the funnel. There is a bell on the front to warn onlookers. The speaker on top of the cab is where the annoncer talk. In this case, Eddy. His most commonly lines are "Jingle-ling, come out and buy some Ice cream. Any kiddies out there better get ready for a tasty surprise".

Merchandise and Price List

  • Ice Cream Cone: 50 cents
  • Extra Scoops: 25 cents each
  • Soda Pop: 25 cents
  • Klondike Bar: 75 cents (bestseller)
  • Popsicles: 25 cents
  • Sundae: $1.00

Ice Cream Cone Flavors

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Double Chocolate Minty Chip (White Ice Cream)
  • Double Chocolate Minty Chip (Green Ice Cream)
  • Rocky Road
  • Roast Ripple
  • Cherry Blood (Halloween Exclusive)
  • Rainbow Rocket

Epic Failure

Sarah and Jimmy start thier own truck but, since they get no costumers, they simply destroy the train. Then they demand the money and Eddy (after having brainfreeze) just hands it over. The train is seen in the junkyard in later episodes.


  • The color scheme is that of the one that was seen in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.
  • It has a sticker on each side of the engine that reads "Tasty, Yet Not Kanker-Fied"
  • The truck piloted by Sarah and Jimmy is the copy of the one seen in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.

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