Id Idd n, Iddy


The Indian Ed.

He Wears a Red Shirt, Black Pants, and wears a headband. He has no shoes. He hunts for thousands of fish to share with his friends.


The Indian Edd. better as known as "Double D with I" .

He is a kinder than Edd. He resembles Id's cloth


The Indian Eddy.

He is the leader of the Ids. He is always ready to steal money (mostly kendi's).


The Indian Kevin.

Is best friends with Risl. He is always ready to impress Nazas.


The Indian Nazz.

She only hunts fish and deer. She is afraid of Tigers.


The African Rolf.

He likes hunting with Jiml and Saya. He is a little good hearted but sometimes can't stand the Ids


The Indian Jimmy.

Joined Risl's Urben Rangers.


The Indian Sarah.

She is everything what Sarah is.


The Indian Jonny.

He hunts for buffalo

Lop Kopky:

The Indian Lee.

She is the world's famus hunter to help her sisters

Mar Kopky:

The Indian marie.

She often gets bothered by Jynwer. Sometimes she impresses the good hearted Risl.

Mee Kopkey:

The Indian May.

She has Huge Glasses. She is very smart.


  • Id usualy hates buffalo
  • In one episode The Indian people and Risl saw the British people and fought them.

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