Tacky by Bahji

Incriminating Words is a fan fiction supposedly dictated to author and/or transcriber Tearatone Maystar via audio files sent over emails. This is what Tearatone has to say on the matter in an author's note:
"Hey guys, someone has been sending me these audio files of some girl saying her name is Marie Kanker from Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy and asking me to post their transcripts here. At first I thought they were kind of silly, but the more I have listened the more they intrigued me. So, on a whim I'm going to fulfill their request and post them. I don't know if this is any of your idea, or why ask me who has never wrote an Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy fan fic before, but I'm in now."

The story can be found on


Present Characters:

May Kanker
Lee Kanker
Kanker's Mother


The story starts out with Marie bringing the reader/listener up to date with her life over a digital voice recorder. She is now twenty-two years old and misses Double-D horribly, who has moved out of town to attend MIT. Marie never went to college and is now a parkour runner and minor thief. She eventually talks herself into buying a one way Greyhound bus ticket with stolen money all the way out to Massachusetts. After a tiring search she finally locates him by staking out a spot on his roof and forces her way back into his life. Only he is less than happy to see her.

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