Infiltration of Rolf's House


Peach Creek,Cul-de-sac, Rolf's House, Cellar


May 11, 2007 3:15-3:25



Edd discovered a possible use of Thermonuclear generators & high heat waves

Followed by:

Ed's investigation

Led to:

Battle at Rolf's House

First Appearance:

The Eds are coming

The Infiltration at Rolf's House was Edd's version of an investigation within Rolf's cellar, Edd first infiltrated & fled the scene from the fear & anxiety of the aliens.


After seeing Jonny & Ed being attacked, Edd decided to see how the aliens worked in Rolf's house & took Ed's B-monster movie magazines & comic books & left Fort Peach Creek to Rolf's cellar.


In the cellar

Rolf's cellar had frightening toys in the dim lights & possibly weird technology

Thermonuclear power

Edd concluded some power behind the green lights & heat waves was from thermonuclear energy, nuclear energy mixed with thermal energy.



Before Edd was ready to get more notes or leave, he heard an alien emerging into the cellar & a shadow from the staircase, he quickly found out that the only way out undetected was a window.

Out of the house

Edd escaped through the window before the alien could catch him.

Return to Fort Peach Creek

Edd returned to the fort & showed his results to Kevin.

Battle at Rolf's House

Main Article: Battle at Rolf's House

The Infiltration led to the Battle at Rolf's House, The Army had 4 casualty's before deciding to sacrifice Nazz for death to gain entry to the house, if there were real Andromedical Octopi in the house, the one taking for the sacrifice would come with The Kiss & kill Nazz through it, It would've been a Kiss, a Kiss similiar to the ghost's of Planet X.

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