Invad-Ed (also branded as Invad-ED) is a crossover fan-fiction between Ed, Edd n Eddy and Invader Zim created by AMX. It revolves around Zim enrolling as a new student in Peach Creek Jr. High, and the Eds get suspicious of him. Meanwhile, GIR becomes friends with Ed.


The story begins with the Eds wowing at their latest scam: a hotel made of ice. Edd admits that the structure is very impressive. It was growing so tall, that they could see the snow-covered trees! And Eddy admits that with it, there is nobody to stop the trio from "burying everyone else with snowballs". However, Double D worries that the Kids might retaliate. But judging by the size of their ice fortress, Eddy is confident that it is unlikely. Then he notices that Ed has disappeared somewhere, Double D and Eddy call for him but does not respond. Then they decide that he will return on his own and head home. Ed, on the other head was in his own world, acting as a space hero due to the Cul-de-Sac's encounter with aliens. He was imagining that one of the alien ships were heading towards Earth. He imagined the ship careening closer and closer until a realistic-sounding explosion was heard. Ed thinks that it was in his head, until he sees smoke billowing from the woods. More to Come...


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This fanfic takes place about several weeks after The Eds are Coming.
  • Dib was mentioned very briefly in the first chapter of the story. When Zim arrives on Peach Creek, he says, "Well, since it's going to take a while to fully repair the Voot Cruiser, we're going to have to take refuge here. Who knows? Maybe this new town won't have any nosy human filth. Unlike...him...".
  • Fun Fact: Richard Horvitz, who voices Zim, also voices Billy in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and its Cartoon Network Invaded Special: Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon. Which is the reason why the two sound alike each other.

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