Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Jail Break (Episode)"
Jail Break 1
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 7
Title Reference: Jail Escape
Writer(s): TheBiggestEdFan
Previous Episode: The Edtermath (Episode)
Next Episode: World of Nurse (Episode)

Jail Break is an episode of Total Ed Island.


The peace of the morning breaks when the sound of floorboards getting nailed to the trailer doors by Ed and Jonny. The players wake up, relasing they're trapped in the trailer. Edd panics, but Kevin slaps Edd. Rolf gets his pocketknife and slaps the wood. And the door doesn't open. Ed slams it with his head. It doesn't open. Edd uses a slingshot. It doesn't open. Kevin punches it. It DOESN'T OPEN. Lee uses May's head. IT DOESN'T OPEN. At the other trailer, Nazz keeps karate chopping at it, Marie trys kicking it and Jonny sits on the bed. Marie asks Jonny to help, but Jonny pulls the excuse "If only I had Plank I would". So all of them keep slamming. It takes about a million minutes to Edd. He yells in there, he slaps and hurts in there. The screaming Eds have karma. Suppose Evil Tim is up to this? The Killer Eds finally break out with one of Nazz's powerful karate chops. Two minutes later, Ed slams the door open with his head. Eddy screams that the Killer Eds win as the challenge to break out of the trailer. At the bonfire, the bottom two are Edd and Lee. Lee recives the final. Edd sadly walks to the Lameosine. And the episode ends.


  • Edd: We sleep and wake up. We find we've been trapped. WE'RE STUCK IN HERE I TELL YOU! We'll never get out!!!!

  • Ed: And Ed SLAMS (the door breaks open) our lives free!

  • Kevin: Chill Double Dork. We just need to break free.

  • Marie: Stop resting Jonny and HELP us.
    Jonny: If only I had Plank I would.


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