Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Jealous Ed"
Episode No.: 1b
Writer(s): ME
Previous Episode: The Edentists
Next Episode: Ed Side Story


Nazz wakes up and notices that Kevin is there with her in her room.Then they go on a date because Kevin made her go on one with him.When Nazz gets back to her room she noticed that everthing was gone.She then screamed.The Eds are seen taking her stuff to Kevins house. Nazz went to everyone to see if they stole her stuff in a montage and no one had her stuff.

She then went to Sarah and she told her that she saw The Eds take her stuff to Kevins.When Nazz got to Kevins she made the Eds take back her stuff and she broke up with Kevin.He said that he was jealous. Nazz was about to kiss him when Ed the chiansaw murderer came.The episode quickly ended.