Jerry is one of Eddy's brother's shortlived "friends" from the past. He was 12 years old when they met.

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Just like his friend, Ferry, Jerry doesn't like to get in trouble or to do wrong, but his opinion about it is less strong and he gets just as easily impressed by Terry's tricks and schemes. He considers Terry to be his idol and to have a superhero status, making him much like Eddy, but with less realisation for the truth.

Jerry is a childlike character and often expresses his happiness by hyperactive jumping and running. It's probable he has ADHD, but his parents never acknowledged this.
Even so, he's a lot less gullible than Ferry and able to question Terry's requests and offers, while Ferry would blindly accept.

He and Ferry are the biggest losers in school, moreso than Ed, Edd and Eddy, as most people aren't even aware of their existence.


Jerry is a boy who's hardly seen without a grin on his face. Most noticeable are his bad teeth and big ears.
He has brown hair, a big mole on the left side of his chin, beauty marks covering his entire back, and wears a yellow shirt, blue pants and white shoes.



Ferry and Jerry have been friends since they were infants and it's a rare sight to see either one of them walking the streets alone. Their docile opinion about each other's faults make them the best of friends.

Eddy's brother

Jerry is often targeted by Terry for most of his schemes, even though the childish Jerry still has a good head on his shoulders. It's very clear Terry hates him the most out of the two boys.

Ferry's sisters

Jerry doesn't like Ferry's sisters and thinks they are very aggressive. While they always give him candy and compliments, it never comes without being touched all over.


Jerry is only child, therefore his parents are very overprotective and he often has to lie to them when he wants to hang out with Terry. But at the same time, his parents choose to stay blind for Jerry's imperfections, like his teeth and ADHD, as they consider their son to be completely perfect and don't want to hear otherwise. This causes Jerry to miss out on the care he needs.

Even though both parents have a job, they always seem to be at home waiting for him.

Jerry is very spoiled, but the overdose of toys bore him and makes him want to look for adventure, which is another reason to why he likes to hang out with the wild Terry.


  • As he's a character from the past, he's an adult at this day and age.
  • He's currently a kindergarden teacher.

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