This page is about the conflict between the Kanker Sisters and the Eds


May has smootched Ed many times. She even gave him a Valentine's Day card but he just ran away. He has also tried to fool the Kanker sisters many times.


The boy Marie Kanker has claimed as her own and makes sure everyone knows it. He probably protests the most out of his friends when advanced by a Kanker, and is usually the one to sound the alarm. Despite this inate fear, he is also the most level headed when dealing with the Terrible Trio, knowing just how to bribe each one of the sisters best (usually with either money or tator tots.)


Eddy downright hates the Kanker Sisters. In "Ed, Edd, Eddy, n Eddy" things get more confusing for him when Edna befriends May and despite saving his life, he doesn't trust her but his friends still give him time.

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