"Kevin's Rival"
Writer: JUnlimited2k7

Kevin's Rival is a fanfiction by JUnlimited2k7 taking place in between Season 6 and The Big Picture Show and cronicles Eddy's attempt to use a kid at school to get at Kevin.


On the first day of school back from winter vacation, the Eds attempt a poorly executed scam that involved selling snowmen from artificial snow. Unfortunately the snow all melts which prompts a remark from Kevin about them needing warranties.

At school the math teacher decides to assign everyone seats, setting Eddy farther back than Kevin or Edd. From his seat, he notices Kevin and another student, Chaun, giving each other dirty looks. This prompts Eddy to attempt to get Chaun to go up against Kevin. First he tries to get Chaun to go against Kevin by telling him to, but that fails so he plants a pie in Chauns locker that is set to hit him square in the face when he opens it. In order to make Chaun believe it was Kevin, he plants a note. Chaun falls for this, provoking him to confront Kevin, leading the two into a fight.

In the Dean's office, the two discuss things and realize they were wrong in hating each other so they become friends again and Chaun devises a diabolical scheme to get back at Eddy, using his friend Landon. Once all is said and done, Chaun and Kevin have to go home and are also left with a week-long suspension. Landon shows up after school and frighten's Eddy due to his tremendous size, causing him to soil his pants and run away. Ultimately, Landon wasn't going to do anything and passes out on the school lawn, telling Edd that he felt sorry for Eddy's pants.

When Eddy gets home, he tosses his pants and underwear in the garbage can and sneaks around back to go in his room, but he hears Chaun and Kevin making snide remarks about him. Kevin takes a picture of his butt and threatens to show it to the other kids at school.

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