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Date written: July 16, 2010
Writer: Yoshermon
Title Reference: Earthbound
Link: [1]

Kevinbound is a fanfiction written by Yoshermon that crosses over Ed, Edd n' Eddy and the MOTHER/EarthBound series. It tells the story of Kevin, who gains mysterious powers as strange creatures begin to invade the world. With the help of his friends, Kevin tries find out how evil fell upon the world and figure out how to get rid of it for good.

While this is a crossover with EarthBound, this story has a plot of its own taking place in the Ed, Edd, n' Eddy universe. Mostly.



The prologue starts out with Kevin falling off of his bike to avoid a figure standing in the lane.Angry, he turns to call it out, only to find that the figure is a slender, robotic alien. It immediately attacks Kevin, strangling him. As Kevin begins to die, he feels a strange power well up inside of him. It explodes from his body and destroys the alien, but also causes Kevin to pass out right after.

Kevin is woken up in the middle of the night by Jonny, who needs him to help rescue the Urban Rangers. He reveals that Plank, Jimmy and Rolf got trapped in a cave while he was out getting water on a campout, and that the forest is on fire.

After navigating through the burning forest, the two encounter another Starman who is shown to be the cause of the fires. They attempt to fight it, but it easily overpowers them. Ed, Edd and Eddy show up to help, but the alien absconds before they can defeat it.

Kevin's leg is burned during the fight, but he manages to heal it with his strange new powers, much to everyone's amazement and confusion.

The group makes their way to the cave and proceed to dig Jimmy and Rolf out of the cave. However, they are attacked by a trio of monsterous crows. After fighting them off, they uncover Jimmy and Jonny slips deep into the cave to search for Plank. Kevin complains about the strange kid, still angry about the trouble he caused as The Gourd. A few minutes pass, and Rolf manages to convince Kevin to go into the cave to retrieve Jonny. Kevin finds the boy a ways in after hearing strange voices, but Jonny and Plank are the only ones he comes across. They exit the cave without incident.

The group makes their way back to the cul-de-sac only to be ambushed by a giant version of the alien they encountered before. Kevin and Rolf manage to hold it off for a while, but soon it prepares to use a devastating attack. Before it can perform it, however, it is shot multiple times by a pistol-wielding Eddy.

Believing the alien to be dead, the group of children begins to prepare for any more possible threats. However, as the kids split up, the alien uses the last of its power to crush and kill Eddy before it fades away into smoke.

Kevin tries desperately to heal Eddy with his newfound abilities, but it doesn't work. The adults of the cul-de-sac begin to wake up and they demand an explanation from the kids about what happened. The children try to explain, but they aren't believed until a swarm of crows shows up and attacks.

Once the crows are fended off, the adults all agree that it would be safest to move away from the cul-de-sac and Kevin is separated from his friends.

Part 1

On the car ride to his new house near Cherry Falls, Kevin finds a black journal in the back of the car. His father tells him that it belonged to his great-grandfather George, but is mysteriously blank. However, upon touching the first page, Kevin sees writing appear. The book turns out to be a study of PSI, the strange power that Kevin has.

Before he can read more than a few pages, Kevin arrives at his new house and the journal is stolen by a Spiteful Crow. Kevin, after some reassurance from his mother, sets off and chases the crow into a forest. He defeats it, but is attacked by a hoard of crows and Coil Snakes. As they continue to mob him, he realizes the power of PK Flash and defeats them in an instant.

After reading the journal some more, Kevin heads to the town of Cherry Falls to rest. He prepares to head home, but he suddenly remembers that he left his bike in the forest. After madly trekking to find it, Kevin wanders through the woods and winds up near the top of a mountain.

Kevin inspects a large hole in the side of a cliff on the mountain and is attacked by a giant snake. After a fight, the snake gets an upper hand and strangles the boy. Here he realizes the power of his special attack, PK Riding, and defeats the behemoth.

Going through through the hole, Kevin finds a secluded area consisting of foliage made entirely of crystals. Here he finds a strangely shaped mirror and decides to sleep there for the night.

While he is asleep, Kevin hears Ed's voice, pleading for him to help rescue Sarah, who'd been kidnapped.

When he wakes up, Kevin decides to go to Ed at Lemon Brook.

Part 2

Via hitchiking, Kevin arrives at Lemon Brook only to get attacked by a jock in a football uniform. Kevin fights him and his helmet falls off, revealing the jock to have blue skin. After taking a large blow, however, the jock's skin reverts to normal and he has no memory of the fight.

Kevin makes his way through the Lemon Brook suburbs encountering more jocks and people with blue skin that attack him on sight. Eventually, he finds Ed's house and is answered at the door by Ed's father. The man is reluctant to talk about Sarah's kidnapping until Ed cuts in. His father reluctantly agrees to let Ed "hang out" with Kevin for a while, and the two pair up.

Having no leads on who could've kidnapped Sarah, the boys decide to go to the Mayor of Lemon Brook for information. As they head out, they are ambushed by three jocks at once. Kevin manages to escape, but Ed is caught in the fray and beaten to the ground. Before Kevin can do anything to help, however, all three jocks suddenly burst into flames. Right after that, Kevin sees a strange energy pulse out from Ed's body and he blacks out.

Kevin wakes up to find that he had been encased in ice, along with the three foes. Ed eventually breaks him out, explaining that he could conjure fire and ice since he was little, though his parents forbade him from doing it when they found out. With confirmation from the journal, Ed is revealed to have PSI, and he knows PK Fire and PK Freeze.

The two eventually make their way to City Hall, and Kevin learns PSI Sheild along the way. When they arrive, Kevin calls his mother. She tells him that his father wants to send him something, so he and Ed wait at the hall until a man from Durian Delivery arrives. He gives them Kevin's father's ATM card, with a note explaining why he sent it and warning them to use it wisely.

When asked if they could see the Mayor, a snooty receptionist rudely declines. Kevin eventually makes a break for the Mayor's Office himself, bringing Ed along and causing a wave of security guards to chase them. The two manage to slip into the mayor's office before they can be caught, and seal themselves inside.

They confront the mayor, who, confused, asks them who they are. Kevin tries to explain, but a growing rumble of guards banging against the door and a multitude of telephones in the office cause the Mayor to wish everything would just freeze for a moment, causing Ed to do so literally.

His office encased in ice, the Mayor is shocked of the boy's power. When asked if he knows where Sarah is, he suggests that another PSI user by the name of Truckdresser might have her, and that said user is as big a nuisance as the strange "blue plague" that causes people's skin to turn blue and them to attack anyone nearby.

Kevin offers his service to get rid of Truckdresser, providing that she has Sarah. The Mayor agrees, but Kevin, upon hearing that he won't actually get any support from the man, insults him, causing the boys to get thrown out.

After a night's rest at a hotel, the two investigate Truckdresser's whereabouts by visiting various beauty shops--which she steals any sort of beauty product from as soon as it arrives. The store owners ignore Kevin's interrogations and try to circumvent them, but Ed finds a sticky note with a phone number on it. While Kevin argues with a clerk, Ed calls the number and speaks to Truckdresser herself. The girl, confident in her abilities, admits that she has Sarah and dares Ed to face her.

The boys reach her hideout--an abandoned mine at the edge of town--and head in. They face little implike creatures that attack them and turn into puddles of makeup when severely wounded. Further in the mine, the three face a horde of "Little Makeup Men" and defeat all of them.

Truckdresser then steps out, claiming the two to be a worthy fight, and conjures up lighting with her fingers. Kevin is struck, despite having shields up, and goes unconscious. Ed is struck by her lighting as well, but he suddenly learns the ability himself and redirects the attack back to Truckdresser.

Kevin eventually comes to, and, having realized the power of PSI Magnet, takes some of Truckdresser's PSI and heals her. The boys force her to take them to Sarah's prison, only to find it empty. Finding a hidden tunnel in the corner of the cell, Ed and Kevin leave Truckdresser behind and go through it.

The two find at the end of the tunnel a large underground cavern, made of obsidian and filled with warm, glowing plants. In the middle of the area lay Sarah, fast asleep. Ed wakes her up and the two reunite.

Kevin, while contemplating the strange place, finds another mirror exactly like the one he'd found in the place made of crystals. When he holds the two pieces together, they join and become one larger mirror.

After some rest, the three decide to head home. After going back through the cave to the cell, they encounter a man wearing a motorcycle helmet, who Truckdresser had earlier said was the one who gave the girl her psionic powers in the first place. Kevin and Ed attack, but the man quickly paralyzes them. After a failed attempt to help, Sarah manages to get past the man and escape, but Kevin and Ed have PSI Hypnosis cast on them and they lose consciousness.

Part 3

The focus of the story shifts to Edd, who now resides in a boarding school at snowy Grape Beck. Having been contacted telepathically by a distressed Ed, he battles with his common sense and skips school to build an airplane atop a large hill. He is attacked regularly by the wildlife as he brings building materials to the construction site, but he sets up traps to take care of them. As he retrieves the last of what he needs, he is caught by one of the teachers and chased by the school faculty up the hill. He manages to get his plane off the ground before anyone can catch him.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Ed wake up to find themselves locked in a dim jail cell, with the helmeted man acting as their warden. The boys decide to meditate and hone their psychic powers as they wait for Edd to rescue them. He does--by crashing in through the ceiling--and the four break out of the jail cell to confront the helmeted man. Helmy, as Kevin names him, runs out of the building, which is revealed to be a solitary jail set in the middle of an expansive desert. He drives away in a car, leaving the four at the abandoned place, yet the Eds are happy to be reunited at last.

After a brief period of rest, the three round up supplies and convert Kevin's bike into a makeshift glider, which they use to sail across the desert. They cross it for three days, and eventually find something curious: a perfectly circular pool of water. Ed dives into it, and Kevin and Edd follow. When they reemerge, however, they find themselves no longer in the desert, but in a strange town.

The town is made of strange buildings, and everyone in it wears a sullen or depressed look. A man helps the three out of a pool, and reveals himself to be a relative of Nazz. Introducing himself as Adam, he shows them around the town of Pomegranate Pool. The boys see single people wearing wedding rings and children without parents, and eventually they stop at a hotel.

When the boys go to sleep, they each have horrible nightmares:

Kevin dreams of his mother, but as he tries to reach her the world around him crumbles away and he is tossed into a void of chaos with his bike.

Ed dreams of a world that is too fast. People walk by in a blur, and he is unable to keep up with anyone.

Edd dreams of the opposite, where he is the only person of color and movement in a silent, still world. He recives increasingly disturbing messages from his parents as the people around him begin to creep closer when he isn't looking.

Eventually, their dreams connect, and the boys see a vision of seven bits of light sparkling around them. They collect two of them, but wake up before they can reach the other five. Adam is puzzled by their dreams, and takes them to get something to eat.

Having gotten more supplies, the boys return to the pool to prepare their journey back to the desert. When a man appears in the water, however, they see him reunite with a woman--his lover--and they jump back into the pool. The strange phenomenon triggers a memory in Edd, and he remembers attending a funeral for one of Nazz's relatives.

Edd accuses Adam of being an imposter of Vladamir Van Fartenshmeer, who had died a few years ago. Adam commends the boy, but insists that he is the real person, and that he is dead--along with everyone else in the town. He reveals that Pomegranate Pool isn't a physical place on Earth, but rather a sort of limbo where the recently departed go to face their inner demons and wait out their regrets. When a person is healed, they jump into the pool to move on entirely into death.

He explains that the Eds should get out just fine, since they're not actually dead, and helps them get more supplies. Upon Edd asking if he has any sort of navigational instrument, the man produces a sextant. saying that sometimes inanimate objects appear in this place as well.

As the Eds are about to depart, a man quickly approaches them. Kevin recognizes him as the man who gave him a ride to Lemon Brook, and is shocked as he realises he is dead. The man begs them to head to Lime Lake, where he claims that strange robot-like creatures stole his niece and a small, frail boy with a retainer. The Eds and Kevin agree, and head back through the pool and into the land of the living.

Using Ed's PK Fire as a makeshift jet engine, Edd converts the bike-glider into a full-fledged airplane, and the boys soar over the desert and to Lime Lake in the north. When they reach it, they are shocked to see a humongous, conical tower looming above the town, made of the same strange metal as the Starmen that attacked the cul-de-sac.

They are shot down, and Ed is driven unconscious from overexerting his PSI. They manage to land near a neighborhood, where they find all sorts of furniture and household objects strewn across lawns and all over the streets. Before they can question why everyone threw out their possessions, the inanimate objects began to come to life and attack the boys.

They quickly find the address the man had given them, and burst into the house. A woman nearly attacks them with a golf driver, but quickly stops herself midswing. She introduces herself as Michelle, and explains that the Starmen--who are dubbed as so by her--took her daughter and a young boy with a retainer to the tower. The Eds insist on helping her get them back, recognizing the boy as Jimmy, and she shows them a secret underground passage to the tower.

After easily climbing over an odd, eraser-shaped statue, the boys find that Michelle can't follow, and she tells them to go ahead. They infiltrate the tower, making their way up to the top while hiding from the multitudes of Starmen patrolling the area.

Eventually, they find the prison room, and inside are Jimmy and an infant. The baby communicates with Kevin and the Eds via telepathy, claming that she possesses immense PSI along with Jimmy. Before they can escape the room, they accidentally trigger an alarm, and hoards of Starmen arrive to stop them.

As the baby--named Caroline--holds them back with a powerful shield, Edd discovers a computer terminal in the wall. He finds a program called self-destruct, and when he clicks it, the building begins to shake and rumble. A password screen then shows up, and he sees a picture of a piece of pie with the number seven after it. Dazed by the totally backwards logic of the computer, he jokingly enters the first seven digits of Pi, and it is accepted as the password.

A slot in the wall opens up, revealing a small box. Edd grabs it, and on it are the words, "Go out through the window." Ed does just that, and the others follow. They find themselves sliding down the exterior of the tower as it crashes and falls to pieces around them. A particularly large blast sends everyone hurtling through the air.

Just before they hit the ground, Kevin has an epiphany, and discovers the power of PSI Teleport. He teleports everyone back to Cherry Falls, where he finally reunites with his mother and father.

After a bit of rest, Kevin, the Eds, Jimmy and Caroline teleport back to Lime Lake, where the tower has disappeared without a trace. Caroline is returned to her mother, who gives Jimmy her golf driver in gratitude and tells them that the tower was built over a strange island. Going on a hunch, Kevin decides to sail over to the island with his friends, and they discover another sanctuary. In a gigantic bubble made of glass underneath the lake, they find another piece of the mirror, which mirges with the other two. Edd deduces that there are seven pieces in total.

After teleporting around for a bit, Kevin decides to open the box that they had found. Inside was a Franklin Badge, and a note telling them to ride the Talastsbo Express if they wanted to learn who is behind the tower and all of the strange things happening. Jimmy decides to join them, and Kevin and the Eds set out to ride the train.

Part 4

The scene starts out with Jimmy standing in a large, dry field of grass. He is tasked with delivering the final blow to a tree-like monster with his PSI, only to cower at the last second and force Kevin to save him. Berating the frail boy for his refusal to use his powers, Kevin picks up his bike and leads Jimmy, Ed and Edd through the field on their way to the express. Edd criticizes Kevin for opting to bring his bike along, since he isn't strong enough to carry all four of them on it, and Kevin ignores him.

After a bit of arguing, the four finally reach the station for the Talastsbo Express. Jimmy, Ed and Edd board the train, but Kevin gets into an argument with the trains eccentric conductor about whether he can bring his bike on board or not. Due to a mistake caused by Ed, the train departs without the two, and to Kevin's surprise, begins to head toward the Atlantic Ocean. The conductor explains that the train actually takes passengers between North America and Europe via a long, intercontinental bridge across the ocean, and that the two have just missed it.

Ed, Edd and Jimmy know full well that their friend and the conductor have been left behind, and quickly make their way to the locomotive itself to try and warn the train's drivers. After reaching the curious double-ended Fairlie engine, they meet two strange men who refer to themselves as Bart and Bernie. They don't believe the children at first, but a young woman comes aboard and tells them to calm down. She introduces herself as Kate, the chef of the Express, and listens to the boys please to slow the train down.

As it does, they all notice something coming down along the bridge, chasing after them. It turns out to be Kevin, carrying the conductor on his bike and riding at a furious pace. The two eventually make it onto the train, and the four children eventually explain ther whole ordeal to the crew.

The adults accept their story, and eventually leave the four to their own devices. While talking, Kevin and Edd get into a heated argument about the latter's lack of psychic ability. Kevin dismisses Edd as usless without PSI and Jimmy equally so for being too timid to use his, and Edd rebuttes by arguing that fighting isn't what is important. Ed can only watch as his friends disperse for different parts of the train, and he suddenly feels very helpless himself.

Jimmy heads to the kitchen car, seeking out Kate, and the two cook meals together. Kate embraces Jimmy with words of comfort, saying that he'll be able to use his powers when he truly needs them.

Ed makes his way back to the engine, to the annoyance of Bart and Bernie at first. The two warm up to him, however, and explain that even though they were both blind, the conductor trusts them enough to drive the train and they trust him to send them signals and warnings. Ed is fascinated and comforted, and the three talk for a while longer.

Edd heads toward the back of the train--which also doubles as the front, since the engine pushes it across the ocean from behind--and chats with the conductor. As they talk, they spot a figure on the tracks ahead of them. Despite the conductor's numerous warnings, the figure does not budge, and it suddenly jumps onto the train. Edd recognizes it as Helmy, and the two fight around in the observation car as the conductor is knocked unconscious.

Kevin feels the confrontation from a few cars down, and makes his way to the observation car to see Helmy pressing a knife up to Edd's neck. The masked man hesitates to kill the boy, however, and Kevin manages to throw him off the train.

Edd wakes up the next day after having passed out earlier, and finds that the train has made its way into the glaciers of the north. After admiring the scenery for a bit, he goes to make amends with Kevin. However, when Kevin tries to forgive him for being useless, Edd becomes livid. The two begin to fight while Ed fruitlessly tries to get them to make up, and the conductor eventually breaks up the two. The man leads them to a dining car and gives them a note addressed to them.

The note explains that the Blue Plague is an intentional, curse-like form of PSI, saying that it targets weak-willed and emotionally unstable people more than others.

Just as they finish reading the letter, the train is suddenly attacked. Snow hares the size of trucks slam their bodies into the train's coaches, tearing them apart as the train continues its journey. Kevin proceeds to fight them off from within, and he and the conductor make their way to the end of the train to gather emergency coats and supplies.

Along the way, Kevin expresses his frustration with Edd, and the conductor advises him to see things from his friend's point of view. The two eventually gather the supplies and distribute them among the passengers as they head back to Jimmy, Ed and Edd.

When the four are reunited, Ed's rabbit allergy begins to act up, and he suddenly inflates. He is pulled through a hole in the side of the train, and Kevin, Edd and Jimmy all grab onto him. The four are suddenly cast out into the wilderness of the glaciers as the train leaves them behind, and they are promptly attacked by a manner of beasts.

While fighting, Edd and Kevin continue to argue with each other. At one point, Kevin is knocked high into the air, and Jimmy sees that he'd hit the thick layer of ice underneath him.s

Suddenly, Jimmy hears a voice inside of his head, instructing him to use PK Fire to melt the ice below Kevin. The boy complies, and the presence of the voice allows him to draw energy from his mind and successfully use PSI for the first time.

Kevin lands into the newly-formed lake and Ed pulls him out. The two are relatively unharmed, but the water quickly begins to wear away their body heat. After they finish fighting off monsters, they make their way back to the rails in hope of finding the train. Kevin and Edd fight some more, until Ed finally steps in and angrily forces the two to stop.

They find a package left behind by the train, containing extra supplies and instructions on how to get to a safehouse up ahead for emergencies. The four boys make it there safely, but Kevin begins to suffer from hypothermia as they get inside.

Just after they enter the safehouse, Kevin suddenly snaps. He knocks Ed and Jimmy unconscious, his skin a dark blue color, and goes after Edd. Edd quickly dodges the boy's attacks, and scrambles to try and subdue him. After buying some time by throwing spice in Kevin's eyes, Edd quickly constructs a makeshift cannon out of various objects in the place. He fires Kevin's wrench at the crazed boy, and hits Kevin square in the head.

Kevin regains his senses for a moment, but he realizes what he had done to Ed and Jimmy and runs out into the glaciers. Fighting off the Blue Plague as it tries to take control of him again, he suddenly feels himself being driven toward a strange energy, and is suddenly knocked out by something.

He wakes up to find himself inside of a tent with Ed. When he asks where Edd and Jimmy are, Ed says that they are outside, fighting a monsters. Kevin laments how he had tried to kill everyone while crazed, but Ed promptly forgives him and says there are more impotant matters to attend to.

Kevin emerges from the tent to see Edd and Jimmy fighting a behemoth made of ice. Jimmy uses PK Fire like a natural, and Edd manages to damage the creature with a makeshift hand cannon that fires and then retracts a large cooking pot. Kevin tries to help, but his wounds keep him from moving quickly, and Ed explains that the monster is too dangerous for fighting in close range anyway.

The conductor's words about being in Edd's position ring in Kevin's head, and he begins to cry as he realizes his mistakes.

Kate and the conductor themselves show up and assist in fighting the monster. No matter how much they damage it, however, it constantly regenerates its icy body. After breaking one of its legs to buy time, Edd and the others regroup to discuss how to destroy it.

Kevin recalls the strange energy he had felt before, and says that maybe the monster could be feeding off of it. He tries to apologize to Edd, but is cut off. The conductor hands him a large monkey wrench and his bike, and he feels an overwhelming sensation as everyone cheers him on. He realizes the power of PK Riding Beta, and quickly attempts to use it on the monster--

only to find out that he doesn't have enough energy to use it.

Embarassed, he quickly makes his way past the monster to the source of energy.

In a nearby cave, he finds a strange, floating orb made of ice. Kevin tries to destroy it, but it is too fast for him, and it flies toward the monster. Kevin regroups with everyone as the monster readies a powerful attack. The conductor suggests that Kevin use PSI Magnet to draw energy from his friends, and he does so quickly. As he recieves energy from Ed and Jimmy and encouragement from Edd, he feels a faint, other feeling cheering him on, but it quickly fades.

Kevin unleashes PK Riding Beta on the monster, destroying it before it could destroy them, and the area becomes peaceful.

Kevin, Edd, Ed and Jimmy decide to explore the cave where the orb was hiding, and find another sanctuary in it. In a warm, icy garden, Kevin and Edd apologize to each other, and resolve to strengthen themselves and each other, along with Jimmy and Ed. Kevin finds a fourth piece of the mirror and joins it with the others. The resulting hole now resembles a half-circle, with approximately three pieces missing according to Edd.

The boys make it back to the Express, and are taken further down into a warmer part of the country.

Part 5

Kevin, Ed, Edd and Jimmy wander through a warm, wide flatland near where the Talastsbo Express dropped them off. They work as a team to fight off foes and trek through the grassy plains. Off in the distance, Ed sees a caravan, and they run into Rolf and his family.

Rolf is elated to see Kevin again, and they catch up with each other as the caravan makes its way to Rolf's village. When they arrive, they find the place constantly filled with a warm breeze, and every bulding has a windmill attached to it. Rolf explains that the land is gifted with the Divine Wind, and invites them to one of his favorite pastimes.

Rolf leads the others to a semicircle of mountains, where a very strong wind swirls around the area. The others see people of Rolf's village flying through the air, suspended off the ground by large kites. Rolf introduces the kids to Kite Jumping, and they all go for a ride.

However, Jimmy is carried away from the mountain, and flies away to a valley below the semicircle of mountains. Rolf and the others enter the Forbidden Valley to look for him, and fight a myriad of creatures along the way.

They eventually find Jimmy in a strange subsection of the Forbidden Valley, which is revealed to be a Saturn Valley. Mister Saturns roam the area, offering the kids hospitality as they are all weary from their journey. One Mister Saturn recognizes Kevin's Franklin Badge, and hands him a note.

The note explains that Saturn Valley was going to be the place where they'd meet the person who gave Kevin the badge, but they were forced to leave by some entity. The letter encourages Kevin and the others to accept anything the Mister Saturns offer them, and that they will meet up with the writer soon.

The Mister Saturns invite everyone to relax in a hot spring, and offer them all coffee while they're in there. Kevin, Ed, Edd and Jimmy accept the coffee, and they all have a psychadelic epiphany. They are told to head to the port town of Carrot Rock, where they will find someone waiting for them.

After a heartfelt goodbye to Rolf, Kevin and the others take the Talastsbo Express to Carrot Rock, which looks rundown and abandoned. After the train leaves, everyone soon realizes that the town is infested with hoardes of zombies.

Everyone fights through the zombies until they get to the ports, hoping to find a boat. Before they can find one, however, they run into Eddy's Brother. The man explains that he was bribed into coming here by someone, and he weilds a sharp katana as a weapon. He asks if Eddy's with them, and Kevin spitefully tells the man that Eddy is dead.

Eddy's Brother doesn't believe Kevin at first, but the boy is adamant, and Eddy's Brother attacks him in a sudden fit of rage. Edd tries to stop the two from fighting, but he causes Kevin to accidentally hit Edd's leg hard with his monkey wrench.

Edd's leg shatters, and when Kevin tries to heal it, it only makes the fracture worse. Kevin manages to land a hard blow on Eddy's Brother, cracking his ribs and incapacitating him.

As zombies quickly began to horde around the children, Eddy's Brother gives Jimmy the keys to his boat, and tells them to leave him behind. Edd, barely conscious and badly injured, insists that they bring the man along, and so the five of them board Eddy's Brother's whaling ship and head out to the Atlantic. </span></p>

As they're sailing, Jimmy talks to the Voice while driving the ship. The Voice berates Jimmy for not using as much PSI as he could have, and demands that he use it more in the future.

In the ship's living quarters, Edd and Eddy's Brother talk with each other. Edd thanks the man, as he believes that the trails and tribulations he put them through due to the way he raised Eddy made the Eds all strong. Eddy's Brother scoffs at Edd, and pulls out a gun from his pocket.

Meanwhile, Ed and Kevin talk about the mirror and the mystery person, speculating about who could possibly know what's going on and what the mirror really is. They suddenly hear a gunshot, and rush to see Eddy's Brother trying to shoot Edd. Kevin knocks away the gun, and the man calms down. Kevin gives the gun to Edd, trusting that Edd would have the best judgement knowing when to use it.

Jimmy rushes into the room to see what happened, but Ed reminds him that he's supposed to be driving the ship. They crash into an island right afterward.

The island, called Mangosteen Island, turns out to be inhabited and civilized, and Kevin, Ed and Jimmy quickly get paramedics to come and pick up Edd and Eddy's Brother. As they head to the hospital, Ed passes by a tall man and suddenly has a strange vision. He turns to see the man walking off, but he quickly shakes it off and catches up with his friends.

Edd is taken into the hospital to get surgery done on his injured leg, and Kevin, Jimmy and Ed decide to explore the island a little. Ed quickly runs off, and follows the man he saw earlier. The man's name is revealed to be Stephen Reichison, and he grows unnerved by Ed following him around. Ed eventually comes out, and peculiarlly asks if Stephen is dead. The man is confused by the boy's question, and Kevin and Jimmy quickly find Ed to go back to the hospital together.

In the hospital, Edd and Eddy's Brother talk for a little more, and Eddy's Brother begrudgingly agrees to join everyone on their adventure. Suddenly, a fierce earthquake shakes the hospital, and the two wonder what happened.

Kevin, Ed and Jimmy rush to the harbor, where another ship crashed. They gasp as they find Helmy in front of it, carrying an unconscious Nazz on his shoulder. He casts her aside and fights Ed and Jimmy. Kevin quickly comes and revives Nazz, who has an eyepatch and seems battle-worn like he is.

Jimmy soon fights Helmy alone, using powerful psionic attacks and feeling elation from the battle. Kevin tells Ed to keep Nazz safe as he rushes to the hospital. There he heals Edd's leg fully, and begrudgingly heals Eddy's Brother as well. As they rush to get back to Helmy, Kevin notices that Edd has a fierce limp in his step, but Edd is determined not to let it slow him down.

Soon Kevin, Edd and Eddy's Brother join the fray against Helmy, and Nazz reveals that she has a Shield Snatcher capable of neutralizing psychic shields. The fight goes on until Helmy releases a PK Flash, which blinds everyone around him. However, Jimmy managed to throw up a psychic shield and protected Edd with it, so Edd was left standing.

Edd asks Helmy why he is doing this, but the man gives no response and charges. Before he can reach Edd, Ed tackles Helmy and the two struggle to fight each other on the ground. Edd remembers the gun and pulls it out, but he can't get a clear shot on Helmy without risking shooting Ed instead.

The struggle lasts and the pressure builds as Edd sees Helmy stabbing Ed with a knife. His hands tremble and he is pressured by Eddy's Brother to take the shot, but he is too worried that he might shoot Ed instead.

Eventually, he takes the shot, and hears Ed scream.

Convinced that he had just shot his best friend, Edd breaks down and curls up. He hears a man take his gun and shoot Helmy in the arm. Helmy teleports away, and the man is revealed to be Stephen Reichison. Edd sees that he only shot Ed in the ear, and didn't really hurt his friend, but he is still very shaken by the incident.

Kevin explains his story to Stephen and Nazz, but before Nazz can explain what she was doing since she left Peach Creek, Eddy's Brother demands to know what they do next. Ed suggests they visit Sarah in Lemon Brook, and Nazz talks about how nice the town's been since they got a new mayor, to Kevin's sudden curiosity.

They teleport to Lemon Brook and briefly catch up with Sarah, who notices that Jimmy seems cold and aloof. The group then makes their way to the mayor's office, and are surprised to see that the old mayor was replaced with none other than Laura Truckdresser.

Jimmy suddenly attacks her, but she pleads that she doesn't want to hurt anyone. She explains that after Kevin and Ed defeated her, she decided she wanted to do good for the town, and the cowardly mayor put her in charge when she came to apologize. She offers to help Kevin on his adventure any way she can, and he says that they don't know where to go from here.

Nazz suggests that they find the pieces of the mirror, and points out that the sanctuaries they were found in might be connected. Inspired, Kevin takes everyone back to the Obsidian Oasis, where they use their PSI to search the earth for more sanctuaries. While they're searching, Kevin notices a strange and terrifying void of darkness nearby, and nearly has his mind sucked into it. They eventually find a sanctuary they haven't been to before, and Edd reveals that it's near Rolf's village.

After teleporting back to Rolf, he reveals that the Divine Wind comes from a source, and that source might be a sanctuary. He leads them to a wide, monster-filled plateau, and they fight their way to a mountain comprised of boulders where the wind seems to come from.

Along the way, Nazz tries to protect Eddy's Brother from a foe, but he berates her for it and insists he can handle himself. Jimmy seems to become lost in fighting, and grows less and less aware of anything besides himself and his opponents.

When they finally reach the Boulder Mountain, Rolf sees the Wolf in front of it, mutated into a gigantic humanoid with a wolf's head. They fight the boss, and as Rolf prepares to deliver the final blow, Jimmy rushes in front of him and incapacitates the Wolf himself.

However, when the Wolf reverts to a normal, unconscious human, Jimmy continues to beat him with his golf club. Kevin and the others try to stop Jimmy, but he suddenly turns on them and attacks them with PSI. The Voice overpowering him, Jimmy can only see everyone as targets, foes to be eliminated. However, Kevin quickly teleports away and comes back, bringing Sarah with him.

Seeing Sarah, Jimmy's old personality resurfaces, and after an inner conflict with the Voice, he splits away from it physically. Everyone watches as Jimmy becomes two, one being his physical body and personality and the other a being composed of pure PSI energy. Jimmy can no longer perform PSI himself, and the others tell him to hide in the Boulder Mountain while they fight off his dark double.

Jimmy does as instructed and hides in the mountain, where a strange man appears and talks to him. The man explains that PSI is a part of Jimmy, and it is no more evil than Jimmy thinks it should be. He also says that Jimmy's PSI is extremely powerful, and his friends may not be able to defeat it on their own. Empowered, Jimmy runs into the fray.

The man distracts Dark Jimmy with bottle rockets, and Jimmy slams into his double. Jimmy mentally confronts the Voice, and realizes that it is the mischievous, scheming part of his personality. The two merge to become one single Jimmy, one single mind, and he can now access and use his PSI directly.

After the conflict is over and Jimmy and Sarah share a moment, the man reveals himself to be Doctor Andonuts, and that he was the one who sent the letters and rigged Starman Tower. Everyone goes inside the Boulder Mountain to the next sanctuary, which is an island inside the hollow mountain floating on a strong jet of air from below.

Doctor Andonuts explains that he is from a parallel Earth from Kevin's, and that George and Maria are actually from that Earth. He explains that Kevin is one of George's two great-grandsons, as the aliens who captured George and Maria travelled between dimensions and they had a child in Kevin's world.

He tells of Geigue's birth, how Maria raised him and how he eventually came to their version of Earth to try and remove PSI from it. Doctor Andonuts then explains that the person behind everything is Porky Minch, who was corrupted by Giegue's power and somehow learned how to utilize it himself.

Porky had stolen the doctor's time machine, which could travel to all different times and places and dimensions, and captured Doctor Andonuts himself soon after. He then explains that the different time periods began to reject Porky, and he can only stay in a place or time for an increasingly short while before he is forced back into the void between time and space.

Kevin shows Doctor Andonuts the mirror, which now only has two pieces missing, and asks what it could be. The man compares it to the Eight Melodies, saying that it is Earth's defense mechanism, and that finding all seven of them could help drive Porky and his evil PSI away from the planet. Doctor Andonuts asks Kevin if he will undergo the task of saving the world from Porky.

Overwhelmed with a sense of importance, Kevin feels a powerful warmth in his heart as everyone stares into the mirror with him. Realizing the power of PK Riding Gamma, he agrees to complete the mirror and save the world.

Part 6

Kevin and the others hold a seance at the windy isle, attempting to locate the next mirror piece. Kevin comes across Cherry Falls, and senses a dark presence there. Worried, he insists that he check up on his parents, and teleports everyone to the town.

They arrive to see the place in a state of chaos. Buildings are on fire and the townsfolk are in a panic. Edd, Rolf, and Nazz split from the rest of the group to help everyone to safety while Eddy's Brother, Doctor Andonuts, Jimmy and Sarah follow Ed and Kevin up to his parents' house to check on them.

There, Kevin encounters Helmy. Seeing the masked figure standing above the bodies of his parents, Kevin flies into a rage and blasts Helmy through the house and into the forest beyond. Shortly after Kevin gives chase, Ed enters the house himself and finds that Kevin's parents are alive. They give him a frying pan and send him off to fight Helmy with Kevin.

Sarah, Eddy's Brother and Doctor Andonuts soon find Kevin and Helmy fighting in the woods and join in. Sarah uses her powerful PSI attack on Helmy several times, but discovers that he can easily dodge it and that she doesn't know any other abilities. Jimmy, on the other hand, realizes that without the Voice controlling his attacks, he has very little control over his PSI abilities and is now very clumsy with them.

Doctor Andonuts notices that Helmy seems to be holding back on his attacks, focusing mostly on dodging and blocking everyone else's blows. Soon, Edd and the others join in on the fray, and Helmy's attacks become more aggressive.

Finally, at a critical moment, Ed jumps into the battle and lands a powerful blow on Helmy with his frying pan. Helmy is struck down, and Edd asks who he is and what he wants. Instead of replying, however, Helmy conjures a wall of fire and teleports away, leaving something behind.

Edd picks it up, and disvoeres it to be Eddy's wallet.

The group then returns to Kevin's house, where Kevin reunites with his parents and gets everyone up to speed about what is going on. Sarah and Jimmy discover that they each have what the other lacks; Sarah has excellent control over her PSI, but only knows one ability. Jimmy knows many abilities, but lacks control. Rolf asks Kevin to take him back to his home country, fearing for his own people, and Jimmy and Sarah ask to go with him. Kevin agrees, and also requests that his parents join them for protection.

After dropping Rolf and the others off, Kevin is left with Ed, Edd, Nazz, Eddy's Brother and Doctor Andonuts in his party. They make their way up to the Crystal Clearing and attempt to find the next mirror piece again. They discover it on Cocona Atoll, an island somewhere in the Atlantic ocean,

They teleport back to Mangosteen Isle, which is closest to the atoll. The area is in the middle of a huge rainstorm. The party goes to a nearby theater, where they see Stephen Reichison and his band perform. They meet up with Stephen, who explains that they'd be hard pressed to find a ship to take them to the island in the middle of the storm. Edd asks if Stephen can take them, being a former sailor himself, but Stephen declines.

Kevin and the others search the harbor for someone willing to ferry them to the atoll, but are unable to find anything. Crestfallen, they meet up at a diner and are visited by Stephen. As the man talks with the rest of the group, Ed feels something in his pocket. He suddenly remembered that he had absent-mindedly picked up the sextant that was being kept at Kevin's parents' house, and pulls it out. He suddenly has the same vision he had the first time he saw Stephen, and shows the man the sextant.

Stephen takes the navigational instrument, saying that it belonged to his father before it was taken and melted down during a metal shortage. The man suddenly breaks into hysterics, and runs out of the diner. He quickly comes back, however, dressed as a pirate and sporting a totally new personality. He excitedly tells Kevin and the others that he has his sailing spirit back, and is willing to take them to the island through the storm.

Kevin and the others meet with Stephen's band, and they all sail through the storm to Cocona Atoll. Along the way, Doctor Andonuts explains more about Porky. He says that the boy is learning how to use his PSI Dominance powers to control other people's minds and bend their wills to his. Porky is also trying something in Kevin's world that he hadn't tried before, which was creating a new Giygas. The doctor worries that even if Porky is forced out of the universe, the evil PSI he left behind will fester and continue to grow until it becomes overwhelming. 

Meanwhile, Nazz and Eddy's Brother argue with one another on deck after they are breifly attacked by a fish monster. Nazz believes that she needs to help people whenever possible, but Eddy's Brother insists that others be strong enough to fend for themselves. Before the argument gets too heated, they are called down to get dinner.

During the meal, Kevin expresses his worries that he may not be able to get all of the mirror pieces, saying that saving the world is too collossal of a task for a bunch of kids to do. Doctor Andonuts reassures him, however, and Stephen announces that they've arrived on the island.

Kevin and the others head to the island, with Stephen and his crew staying behind to tend to the ship. They enter a jungle in the island and encounter many mosnters attacking them. As they fight, Ed, Doctor Andonuts, Edd, and Nazz each come across a strange purple flower that sprays them with a strange substance. Soon after, the group is separated as a series of animate vines drag Nazz and Eddy's Brother away, and then Ed and Doctor Andonuts, leaving Edd and Kevin together to fight off the rest of the monsters.

Ed and Doctor Andonuts free themselves from the vines and discover that the world around them has changed. Everything around them changes color at random, and they feel like they've been drugged by the flower. The two quickly see something in the distance, and give chase.

Nazz and Eddy's Brother also manage to fend off the vines, and arrive at a cliff near a large chasm. Eddy's Brother notices Nazz standing on the very edge of the chasm, looking at an empty ledge on the other side with tears in her eyes. When he asks what she's doing, Nazz says she sees her brother, and jumps off the cliff. Eddy's Brother falls after her.

Edd and Kevin find themselves surrounded by monsters, and Edd starts mistaking the monsters for his friends. Disturbed at his impaired judgement, Edd suddenly has flashbacks to when he nearly shot Ed, and breaks down. The monsters begin overwhelming Kevin as he tries to protect Edd. He quickly reassures Edd, however, saying that the boy has always had the best judgement out of all of them, and can be trusted with the most dangerous weapons. Edd eventually gets up, and helps Kevin fend off the rest of the attackers.

Ed and Doctor Andonuts chase the entity to the edge of a large cliff, where it stops and reveals itself to them. Ed sees his father, who berates him for being slow and dumb. Doctor Andonuts sees his son, Jeff, who spites the man for being a terrible father. Though emotionally hurt, the two manage to ignore the hallucinations, and make their way to find Kevin and the others.

Eddy's Brother and Nazz wake up at the bottom of the chasm, having survived the fall by landing on a series of gigantic leaves. After being asked what was wrong with her, Nazz explains that she once had a very sheltered younger brother, who died because of her negligence. Eddy's Brother laments how he treated Eddy, saying that he believed that treating Eddy harshly would make him strong, but he realized now that he was wrong. The two agree that they can learn something from one another, and form a friendship as they try to find the others.

Eventually, everyone meets back up at the entrance to a cave containing the next mirror piece. Guarding the cave is a gigantic plant monster, which turns out to be the source of the flowers and vines that caused everyone trouble. 

Just as the group is about to fight the monster, it is suddenly blasted into oblivion from above. Everyone looks up to see a massive airship, and in it is Porky. Porky shows everyone that he has learned how to brainwash people into serving him as an army, and sends down Pigmasks to fight Kevin and the others. 

Porky then sends down his "pet project", who turns out to be Helmy. Porky boasts that Helmy is under his complete control, and commands him to attack the others. Ed fights off Helmy, but starts having flashbacks to Eddy's wallet. Believing Helmy to be some form of Eddy, Ed pleas with the man, and starts suffering more and more blows.

Eventually, Helmy takes out his knife, and begins to stab Ed nearly to death. Before he can kill Ed, however, Stephen and his band mates join the fray, and manage to hold Helmy off.

During this time, the airship begins to get sucked into a void. Doctor Andonuts explains that the universe is starting to reject Porky like all the others, but he is suddenly captured by a machanical claw and taken to Porky's ship. Nazz tries to save Doctor Andonuts, but the man tells her he'll be fine, and pushes her back to safety.

The ship and the doctor get pulled completely inside the void, and it closes up just as Helmy absconds from the area. Kevin heals Ed, but the boy remains unconscoius. They carry him to the next sanctuary, a large chamber in the center of a volcano, where Kevin finds the second-to-last mirror piece. 

Nazz discovers that Doctor Andonuts had left her a note. It gives the doctor's sentiments toward the people he's met, and instructs Kevin and the others to return to Saturn Valley at some point.

They quickly search for the next piece, but the lack of psychics make it much harder. In addition, an inky red presence has engulfed the earth, and nearly sucks Kevin's and Edd's consciousnesses out of their bodies, making searching for the next mirror piece impossible.

Meanwhile, Ed has a psychic fever, and begins to learn a new ability. Unlike the others, however, he sees Eddy in a void, where he then unwillingly strikes the boy down with PK Starstorm. Ed snaps awake, screaming that he killed Eddy, and dashes out of the sanctuary. The others persue him, but Ed somehow manages to teleport away on his own, leaving Kevin, Edd, Eddy's Brother and Nazz behind.

Main Characters

  • Kevin: The titular character and main protaganist of the story. Though he is nicer to the Eds now, Kevin still comes off as a jerk to some people. His impatience and irrationality often get him or his friends into trouble, but he is quick to make amends. Kevin is the first to discover and use PSI, and he uses wrenches as his primary weapons.
  • Rolf: Kevin's best friend and right-hand man for almost every occasion. His foreign customs and behaviors keep most people at an emotional distance, but that doesn't stop him from helping those in need and being genuinely sociable when he gets the chance. Rolf uses large fish as his primary weapons.
  • Ed: The big oaf that everyone loves, Ed can brighten almost any situation. Though he is still thoroughly saddened by his best friend's passing, Ed won't allow anything like it to happen to anyone else if he can help it. He is the second to use PSI, but it is revealed he discovered it - but refrained from using it out of fear - a long time ago. Though he still lacks in book smarts, the boy has a strong sense of empathy, PSI-assisted or otherwise, and can tell things about people the others can't at a glance. Ed eventually gains one of the most powerful weapons: a frying pan.
  • Edd: What he lacks in PSI ability, he more than makes up for it with ingenuity and ability to think rationally. Though he rarely is able to help out in a fight, he is still an esteemed member of the group, acting as a mature representative when talking to others. When he realizes his importance in being useful in battle, he constructs a device that launches a cast-iron cooking pot at high speeds and then retracts it, able to hit enemies multiple times from a distance.
  • Jimmy: Soft in nature, barely able to weild a golf club properly, irrational under pressure and the first to run away from something scary, the boy looks like he would hardly be of any use to the group. That is, unless he possesed PSI even more powerful than Kevin's or Ed's. And he does. Jimmy uses a trusty golf club as a weapon.
  • Eddy: Once a money-grubbing maniac, Eddy shed his infamy after the incident with his brother. While he no longer annoys the kids with scams, he is still rash and impatient, but his lighter side shines through now more than ever.
  • Eddy's Brother: Blunt, bitter and brash, Eddy's Brother isn't a pleasant person to be around and he makes sure that everyone knows it. His reasons for sticking with Kevin and the others is a mystery, but he can certainly hold his own in a fight using his trusty katana he found at a swap meet. Alongside his rude attitude, he criticises those who rely on others for help, and resents recieving assitance himself.
  • Nazz: According to her, she's been on just as big of an adventure as Kevin since the cul-de-sac kids disbanded, but is interrupted every time she tries to explain just what the heck happened to her. Whatever it was, it didn't change her warm, kind-hearted attitude. However, seeing her friends place their lives on the line fighting strange monsters causes Nazz to feel overprotective of them, and she often puts herself in danger to help someone else.
  • Sarah: While still something of a spoiled brat with a temper, Sarah has grown to be more empathetic toward her brother. She recently discovered that she too has PSI, and though she can only perform a single ability, its effects are devastating.
  • Doctor Andonuts: An enigmatic old man who claims to be from another universe. Doctor Andonuts wants nothing more to help Kevin and the others rid the world of Porky, the evil behind the monsters attacking the world. Though he appears kind and kooky on the outside, the man harbors deep regret for the world he's left behind and the universes he had to watch Porky mess with. He also has a thing for explosives, and uses bombs and bottle rockets as his primary weapons.

Supporting Characters

  • Kevin's Mom: Kevin's mother is loving yet stubborn, loath to change her mind when set on something. She cares deeply for Kevin, but she knows that if she tried to stop him from going on such a dangerous adventure, something bad could happen to the both of them. Always there to pick up the phone, she gives her son words of comfort, and makes him feel less far away from home.
  • Kevin's Dad: Though he quickly gained a new job at Cherry Falls and works most of the day, Kevin's father is always ready to pick up the phone and listen to his son's tale. He keeps a record of Kevin's journey with him at all times, and is considering publishing it as a book.
  • Rick: A large, gruff man, Rick enjoys long walks on the beach and giving rides to strangers. Mess with his sister or her daughter, however, and you'll get a punch to the face.
  • Michelle: Proud of her hispanic origins and abnormally high tenacity, Michelle would do anything to protect her daughter. Though she is blunt and leaving children to fight monsters--Psionically-empowered or otherwise--doesn't sit right with her, she is supportive at the worst of times and kind all around.
  • Caroline: Though less than a year old, Caroline has enough intelligence to rival Edd. Her immense psychic powers allowed her to inherit her mother's intelligence from the womb, but they also cause her to pry into other's heads regardless of her will. Soft-hearted and infinitely understanding, she provides much wisdom for Kevin and his friends.
  • The Conductor: A man with a thick, red beard and a thicker German accent, the conductor is the proud founder of the Talastsbo Express. He is eccentric like the train itself is, quick to change emotions and opinions. Easy to anger and then change his mind about it, he worries for the state of the world, and wonders if his express will survive.
  • Kate the Chef: The conductor's daughter, Kate is a woman who would've gotten along with Michelle quickly, should the two ever meet. She loves cooking, treating the express's kitchen car like home, and is happy to share her recipies and wisdom with those who seek it. She is more rational than her father, though she can be "quite the killjoy" at times, according to Bart and Bernie.
  • Bart and Bernie: The driver and fireman of the Fairlie engine that runs the Talastsbo Express, these English twins make up for being blind with their "rich senses of humor" and "charming cockney accents, y'know". Though most would consider it insane to let blind men run the train, the Conductor set special arrangements for their jobs, and they are competent at keeping the train up and running through feel alone. They are quick to make jokes and jabs at others, though Kate usually keeps them in line.
  • The Mister Saturns: These strange little creatures are all adorned with thick eyebrows, a bow hanging on their single strand of hair and an air of innocence about them as they invite you to their homes and hotsprings. Despite their loose grasp of the english language and charming air-headed disposition, the Mister Saturns are all very intelligent, capable of creating advanced machines and finding practicle solutions to complex problems. The most peculiar attribute of the Mister Saturns, however, is their ability to brew a strange coffee that has mind-transcending, epiphanic effects and only 30 calories per cup.
  • Stephen Reichison: Once an avid sailor, Stephen was born and raised on Mangosteen Isle. Nowadays, he doesn't have the heart to step on a ship, so he leads a career of playing in a band, the Phase Five. He is warm and laid-back, but tough like all the residents of the isle as well. Nobody knows why he gave up the life of a sailor, but when asked he simply closes his eyes and plays a nostalgic tune on his keyboard.

Villans and Creatures

  • Starmen: These strange, humanoid robots are a mysterious yet dangerous race. Their motives are unknown, but their brutality isn't. With superhuman strength and an aptitude for PSI, they are a fearsome force to be reckoned with.
  • Spiteful Crow: Eddy had a good reason for hating birds. Spiteful crows are the result of the Blue Plague affecting the weakest-minded creatures first. Why such a curse turned them into chain-smoking, sunglasses-wearing mobsters is anyone's guess, but one has reason to fear their sharp beaks and sizable talons.
  • Little Makeup Men: These strange, impish creatures are covered from head to toe in masquera and eyeshadow, and can deliver quite a punch. They have a bad sense of humor, and find causing misery to others to be the most entertaining thing in the world
  • Desert Lizard: Finding food in the Southern Desert can be difficult, especially if you're a lizard the size of a minivan. Thankfully, though, such lizards are sustained on the very evil that made them that size, and can pour all of their energy into destroying whatever isn't part of the sand or already dead.
  • Territorial Woodoh: The only thing worse than trees that actively hunt passerbys are trees that actively hunt passerbys by exploding. When a Territorial Woodoh feels as though it cannot get its prey, it combusts, and madly charges at its foe. When it gets close enough it blows up, but not before suddenly wondering if maybe there was a better way to go about this.
  • Bad Hare: Snow hares are the tiny, adorable and harmless little critters of the Northern Glaciers. Take away the "tiny" part, however, and the rest fall away as well. Bad Hares are the size of minivans and they aren't shy to let the world know it.


  • Big Starman: When invading another planet, the Starmen start out few in number and weak in strength. However, they come prepared to fight those who try and capitalize on their momentary vulnerability with a delux-sized, heavy-artilary unit. Though it may look like just a larger version of your run-of-the-mill Starman, the Big Starman has much stronger PSI and a terrifying lust for destruction.
  • Dragon Snake: This behemoth of a serpent has humble roots as a simple garden snake. However, when it wandered near a spring of pure energy from the earth, it drew in an enormous power that increased its size many times over. Originally perpexed and confused at being longer and thicker than the trees around it, it quickly succumbed to a surge of strange, foreign impulses to destroy anything that moves.
  • Laura Truckdresser: Some terrors can come from the strangest of places, and Laura Truckdresser is no exception. She may be only seven years old, but her spiteful attitude, obsession with beauty products and powerful psionic ability make her too much for even the police to handle. Despite this, Ed has seen what lies behind her many layers of makeup, and her movtives for causing trouble may not be all unprovoked.
  • Helmy: Not much is known about this mystyrious enemy, only that he always wears a motorcycle helmet to cover up his face and that he is the one who gave Truckdresser her frightening abilities. His appearances are spontaneous and his motives are unknown. He seems to show no emotion from behind his tinted visor, but something seems the faintest bit familiar about him.
  • The Starman Tower: The base of operations and central life force of all the Starmen currently invading earth, this giant, tentacle-like tower also serves as a transmitter, broacasting powerful waves of evil psionic energy around the globe to overwhelm the weak and cripple the strong. While it may seem an unbreachable fortress, it was actually designed by a peculiar third party, and the unfortunate Starmen were not perceptive enough to grasp why they were insisted to insulate the walls of the tower with high-grade explosives.
  • Ice Behemoth: A terrifying and humongous beast made entirely of ice roams around the Northern Glaciers, madly attacking anything or anyone that dare get too close to it or its precious source of life. It is controlled by an orb of energy, and the closer the two are to each other, the more powerful--yet simultaneously vulnerable--they get.
  • Big Wolf: The Wolf is a mystery to Rolf's people, possessing the head of a beast but the body of a man. The people of the Old Country Village would tell stories of the Wolf to keep young children in line, and Rolf himself has had the displeasure of encountering the man stealing his sheep. Now, however, the man-but-not-a-man has discovered the power of the Divine Wind, and it mutated him into a gigantic, disfigured version of his former body. Now instead of stealing sheep, he guards the Boulder Mountain that contains the Divine Wind's power, and will brutally attack anyone who dare tries to take his power for their own.
  • Death Flower: The most beautiful things in nature are often the deadliest, but this grotesque pile of vines and flowers is just the latter. Its roots are spread through the whole of Cocona Atoll, and it sprouts flowers all around the foliage. Any soul unfortunate enough to get close to one of its luminous purple buds will be sprayed with a substance that drives them mad, luring them to the plant for an easy kill. It would take an armada of guns and cannons all firing at once to destroy this thing, but what are the odds of that happening?


  • Peach Creek: Kevin's hometown and the start of his adventure, Peach Creek is now nothing but a memory as Kevin travels the world.
  • Cherry Falls: The small, secluded town built around the titular waterfall is where Kevin's new home is. It is small but busy, being a popular tourist attraction on trips through the vast forest that surrounds it.
  • Lemon Brook: The home of the Lemon Brook Lumpers as well as Ed, this medium-sized town is the target of a mysterious band of kidnappers.
  • Southern Desert: Sand, sand and more sand are the three things that best describe this place. It is home to an abandoned old prison and a plethora of various reptiles, many of which are the size of minivans and want to eat people alive. It is also very large. So large, in fact, that when a tear in the fabric of reality separating the planes of life and death fell upon the Earth and nestled into it, the desert is the very place it hit.
  • Grape Beck: Snow, snow and more snow are the three things that best describe this place. Though all of it is wet and packable and perfect for snowman-making and snowball-fighting, people don't really do those things anymore because of the strict rules of Grape Basin Acadamy, one of the only buildings in the entire town (why someone would build a large school in the middle of a snowy, uninhabited place is anyone's guess, and often the topic of discussion in its debate class). Another reason not to go outside is the wildlife, all of which will promptly attempt to kill you for being alive.
  • Pomegranate Pool: A strange, cultureless town where time has no meaning and sadness and depression permeate the very air. Sleeping in this place will give you nightmares that threaten to tear your mind away from your body and cast it out into the void beyond. Despite this, it is a very popular tourist site. So popular, in fact, that everyone that ever lived has visited it at least once, and only once before leaving and never coming back. Ever.
  • Lime Lake: Though it is a bit more south than Grape Beck, this town is a chilly place, now even moreso by the fact that for most of the day it is overshadowed by the giant, conical tower looming miles above it. One should be weary and pack lightly if he or she should decide to move in, as they may find their own possessions coming to life and attempting to kill them upon getting within view of the tower.
  • The Talastsbo Express: Run by a double-ended Fairlie steam engine, the word "backwards" hardly begins to describe this eccentric luxury train ride across the Atlantic ocean and through northern Europe. However, the crew is small and friendly, the coaches heated and cozy, and the views of the ocean and glaciers spectacular.
  • The Northern Glaciers: To describe this place as an unforgiving ocean of ice and snow would be an understatement. As the Talastsbo Express boldly passes through here on its way deep into Europe, many precautions are taken for safety. Those who have entered this place outside of the warmth and safety of the train have found the cold to chip away at their sanity, revealing their darkest selves.
  • The Old Country Village: Rolf's beloved hometown lies in...somewhere in Europe, its placement and surrounding countries so vague that Edd doesn't even bother trying to pin it on a map anymore. Cut off from the rest of the modern world as it may be, the Old Country Village is a charming place to visit if a resident leads you the way or you impossibly stumble across it by sheer luck. A curious feature of the village is that it runs primarily on wind power, and a strong breeze constantly blows through the mountain range surrounding it. The villagers praise their gift, calling it the Divine Wind, and use it to its potential. One of its most popular uses is for Kite Jumping, where villagers fly kites that pull them into the air and free them from being earthbound for a short time.
  • Carrot Rock: The Talastsbo Express's line used to go all the way down to this large port town, but after the recent massive zombie outbreak, it's been getting less and less tourism for some reason.
  • Mangosteen Isle: Located near the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Mangosteen is a small but vital checkpoint for cargo ships to rest and exchange stock. The residents of the island are tough and salty like the ocean around them, but the occasional (and often misplaced) tourist will be happy to find fresh seafood and they will be able to listen to the soothing sounds of the Phase Five.
  • Boulder Mountain: Near the Old Country Village lies a plateau, the center of which contains the source of the Divine Wind. That source comes from within the Boulder Mountain, a sacred landmark with a quite literal name.
  • Cocona Atoll: This uninhabited island is harsh and inhospitable to all but the toughest of plants and animals. Explorers who enter the island never come out, and are said to go insane within the thick brush and endless chasms surrounding the island's dormant volcano.

Other Stuff

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The Completed Mirror


Helmy's basic appearence


Main Characters Poster


Eddy's dead body after being crushed

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