King Kong: Ed, Edd n Eddy version is a film made by A.K.A films. The film starts off with the first events of Little Ed Blue, with the film In Search of The Edasaurus. After everybody sees that the movie sucks eggs, Eddy decides to take everybody to the mysterious Skull Island.

Seeing the opportunity to start his own company with Eddy (and with his passion to write scripts for movies) Edd is reluctant to join. Nazz, who loves Edds' scripts and books, decides to be the main actress in the film. Everybody in the cul-de-sac is reluctant to join, but after a few are killed, they decide to try and escape the natives and the monsters of Skull Island to get back home.


Eddy: Eddy is an aspiring filmmaker after seeing the movie King Kong. He is very excited to be working with his friends, all of whom pitched in to buy all the equipment, to make a feature length film. He is Narcississtic and cares for nobody but himself and his camera. After a brief falling out with the rest of the crew, he decides it is best to keep going, much to the crews dismay. Because of him, most of the kids are killed, and when his camera breaks, he learns it's best to keep away from the island and try to escape.

Edd: Edd is a passionate, sensitive, and quiet screenwriter that goes with Eddy and the other kids on the journey to the real Skull Island. At first, he is greatly excited on making the movie, but after seeing that the island is full of monsters and giant bugs, he decides that he wants to escape the island. He falls in love with Nazz and tries to rescue her after she gets kidnapped by King Kong, and goes to great lengths to get her back. After he finds out that she has bonded with the great ape, but still wants to get out, he decides to have Kong follow him to the shore. after he finds out they put kong in a trap, and brings him to New York City, he tries to stop him from killing innocent people, but Kong is too strong and gets to the Empire state Building. Kong Falls off the building, and Edd gets up there, he sees Nazz crying and goes to comfort her. Nazz:Nazz is a former actress cought stealing an apple but Eddy covered for her.Later she went on an expedtion to skull island wich resulted in her being ofered to kong.Then she was attacked by a fearsome dimethron like creature.Then she was attacked by kevinsaurus rexes but king kong killed all of them by prying it's jaw open. back at new york kong died!!!!!!!!!!!


If anyone wants to help me keep writing this, make other articles and stuff. Thanks

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