This is a list of different kinds of Kisses:

Kisses of Disaster

Main Article: Kisses of Disaster

Death Kiss

Main Article: Death Kiss

The Death Kiss, Kiss of Death or The Kiss, is when an Andromedical Octopius would kiss the victim by pushing it's lips out & clamping them over the victim's. It's a Kiss of Disaster similiar to an X ghost's Kiss.

X ghost's Kiss

Main Article: X ghost's Kiss

An X ghost's Kiss is a Kiss of Disaster similiar to the Death Kiss, but it sucks out a victim's soul.

Kiss of Death

Main Article: Kiss of Death

Another Kiss of Disaster is the Kiss of Death which is given by the Kankerzilla, The Kankerzilla would purse her lips & pull the victim's face to her lips, A red glow would emanate from the victim's face & the victim would die from the kiss, for the Kankerzilla would suck all of the air from the victim & continue to keep respiration short to death.

Death's Kiss

Main Article: Death's Kiss

Death's Kiss is a painless kiss from Death, He would kiss the victim to gather the soul. Eddy was nearly given this kind of Kiss of Disaster in the Cul-de-sac.

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