A Kiss of Disaster is a kiss that damages or kills a victim, Example of Kisses of Disaster are X ghost's Kiss & The Death Kiss, Kiss of Death or The Kiss. The only known Kisses are fatal to the victims. The reason they're called Kisses of Disaster is because the creature would actually kiss the victim & cause disaster.

X ghost's Kiss

An X ghost's Kiss is a Kiss that sucks out a victim's soul, The X ghost would round it's mouth into a circular hole & latch it around the victim's lips to consume his or her soul.

Death Kiss

The Death Kiss or the Kiss of Death or The Kiss, is a Kiss that sucks life out of the victim, similiar to X ghost's Kiss, but the Death Kiss is a kiss that kills the victim, They wouldn't be alive at all.

Kisses of Disaster

Comparison to the Kankers

  • A Kiss of Disaster is similiar to an Ed being kissed by a Kanker on the lips, but on a scale worse than a Kanker.
  • In the Mis-Edventures, Lee Kanker says when coming out of holes in Scam 2, 5 & 6, "Time for some smooching."

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