level 1: Rise Of The Planet Of The Eds

Ed And Eddy Decided to Go To Double D's House to See Him And When They Get There They Find His Hat And They Must Find Him.

level 2: Lord Of The Eds

After The Eds Watch All The Lord Of The Rings Movies They Go To Bed And Have Dreams About Them Being Lord Of The Rings Characters

level 3: Eddy Potter

Edd Enters A Swimming Contest And You Must Win

level 4: A Nightmare On Ed Street

It's Halloween And You Must Collected Candy To Eat

level 5: Ed Night

It's Time For Prom Again And You Have To Get A Date To Go To The Prom This Time Make shore The Eds Get Dates


Jonny 2x4, Plank And Rolf Are Not In The Game While The Rest Of The Characters Are


A Sequel Was Made Entitled Eddy's Tv

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