Lemon Brook Jr. High seems to be the rival school to Peach Creek. In an episode, it's football team was seen playing against the Peach Creek Cobblers.When they played against them they ran right over the Cobblers 62-0. They are mostly viewed as antagonists of stories.

Appearances in FanFiction

  • One time the Lemon Brook Lumpers lost to the Peach Creek Cobblers for the first time during a football game. They ran right over the Cobblers. Although the score was Cobblers: 63 Lumblers:62, cause of Kevin kicking a field goal at the last second of the game. 
  • Another time their basketball team did not that good.They lost every game against the Cobblers. The closest they got to winning was when they went to overtime (again) and all their shots were blocked. Then the game was over the score was Cobblers:101 Lumblers:80.Their basketball team was ranked last place. Their record was 5-20. The only team they beat was the town of Vengeance.

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