"License to Ed"
License to Ed 1
Date written: 2009
Writer: TheBiggestEdFan
Series: Ed, Edd n Eddy Return
Fanfic No.: 7
Previous Fanfic: The Man With the Golden Ed
Next Fanfic: Flush the Ed

License to Ed is a fan-fiction, part of Ed, Edd n Eddy Return, where Double D is practicing to drive - and Eddy wants to "drive" Edd crazy!!


It is a beautiful day, and as it zooms into Edd's house, you can hear shouting:

"Left! Other left! I SAID OTHER LEFT DORK!"

"Okay! Kevin... please be a little more nice" Edd had taken driving class, and Kevin was yelling at him.

"This is driving class!" continued Kevin.

"I know it is..." grumbled Edd.

"Come on! Get that engine running!" Kevin yelled.

Double D grumbles, and pushes the break to continue his assignment.

Eddy is at his house, trying to catch Ed, who is running all over his room.

"Ed, you get back here!" Eddy yelled.

"Can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread Ed!" said Ed.

"You're gonna be Brokenbones Ed when I get my hands on you!" Eddy yelled.

Eddy hears the sound of a car engine, and panics. He thinks it is his parents.

"Oh no! Mom! Dad! Ed! Let's clean up before my parents see this!" Eddy panicked.

"Nope, your brain has stopped. It is Double D learning to- " Ed stops, looking for the word was.

"Eddy, what was that word I was looking for?"

Eddy didn't answer, who was staring out the window in shock.

"Umm... DRIVE!!!!! YAY! THAT'S IT! DRIVE!!! THANKS EDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ed yelled as he finally figured it out.

"Ed, why are you YELLING IN MY EAR?!" Eddy responded.

"Let's go!" said Ed.

"This is gonna be good" Eddy said.

Eddy and Ed run over to Edd's driving class, and sneak up behind a tree.

Eddy whispered "Great, shovel-chin is Edd's teacher. Let's steel his bicycle and make a run for it. One...two...Three!"

Ed and Eddy jumped out of the tree and stole Kevin's bicycle.

"Hey, gimme back my bike, you dorks!" Kevin chased after Eddy and Ed as they ran to the woods and threw it as Kevin zoomed past the two troublemakers. "I'll find you, DOOOOOOOOORKS!" shouted Kevin as he chased after his bicycle.

The two Eds went back to the driving class.

"Hey, sockhead? You're taking driving lessons?" Eddy said as they got back.

"Yes I am... why did you ask?" said Edd.

"Oh, just asking" Eddy grinned, really because he wanted to do something else.

"You are going to drive Double D?????" Ed asked Edd, very confused.

Edd got a little angry...

"Ed, did you here me answer that question before?" Edd asked.

Ed thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought and thought.

"Nope, not anytime in my entire life Double D" Ed responded.

Then Edd got angry some more...

To be continued!


  • This is one episode when The Eds aren't interested in scams, but they do open "Drive Edd Crazy" for themselves.

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