Here is the List of ability's aliens have:

Inventing technology

The following below can invent & handle technology, the kinds of aliens that can handle but can't invent technology don't count:

  • Andromedical Squidius
  • Andromedical Octopius
  • Robotius Extraterrestrialis
  • Humans

Kisses of Disaster

The following below can do a Kiss of Disaster, A kiss that can damage or kill a victim:

Deadly Aliens

The following below have deadly ability's:

Victims to deadly ability's



  • Unknown X Empire soldier: Fate caused by: Kiss of Disaster
  • Nazz: (survived, not a real victim) Fate caused by: Kisses of Disaster, First Kiss of Disaster attempted: failed, Death Kiss, Second Kiss of Disaster attempted: failed, X ghost's Kiss.
  • Eds: (survived, not real victims) Fates caused by: Kisses of Disaster, First & Second Kiss: X ghost's Kiss.

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